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rephorm one thing. if you plan to add .desktop editing, according to the
spec you need to keep EVERYTHING around (even sections / keys you don't know
/ care about)
dj2 k
rephorm but for most usage (read only) thats a waste of memory
dj2 hm, i guess the best way to do that is keep everything in a hash
dj2 and write accessor functions
dj2 or pull the common stuff out to functions and leve the rest in the hash
rephorm and maybe have a flag for 'readonly' to kill the hash
dj2 yea, will have to put some tought into the api for that
rephorm ooh. comments need to be preserved also in edits
rephorm efreet_xml has one bug that i see
rephorm if you have something like <tag>before<child />after</tag>, you
can't get to the 'after' text
dj2 hm, will have to look at that
rephorm (it stores 'before' as the text on 'tag')
rephorm it should probably create child nodes with the text
rephorm so tag would have 3 children, text: before, tag: child and text: after
efreet_desktop_string_list_parse() needs to optionally use comma (',') as
the separator if the desktop version is < 1.0 (but, what if it isn't set??)
check for needed types (nNfFuU)
get lists of needed types (dirs, fullpaths, urls, etc)
if type in uU:
create Pending struct
start downloads, pass Pending in as data
if tyep in UF...
download cb:
if type in fF