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* @file efreet_desktop.h
* @brief Contains the structures and methods used to support the
* FDO desktop entry specificiation.
* @addtogroup Efreet_Desktop Efreet_Desktop: The FDO Desktop Entry
* Specification functions and structures
* @{
* Event id for cache update. All users of efreet_desktop_get must listen to
* this event and refetch. The old eet cache will be closed and mem will
* be invalidated.
* Efreet_Desktop
typedef struct _Efreet_Desktop Efreet_Desktop;
* A callback used with efreet_desktop_command_get()
typedef void *(*Efreet_Desktop_Command_Cb) (void *data, Efreet_Desktop *desktop,
char *command, int remaining);
* A callback used to get download progress of remote uris
typedef int (*Efreet_Desktop_Progress_Cb) (void *data, Efreet_Desktop *desktop,
char *uri, long int total, long int current);
* A callback used to parse data for custom types
typedef void *(*Efreet_Desktop_Type_Parse_Cb) (Efreet_Desktop *desktop, Efreet_Ini *ini);
* A callback used to save data for custom types
typedef void (*Efreet_Desktop_Type_Save_Cb) (Efreet_Desktop *desktop, Efreet_Ini *ini);
* A callback used to free data for custom types
typedef void *(*Efreet_Desktop_Type_Free_Cb) (void *data);
* Efreet_Desktop
* @brief a parsed representation of a .desktop file
struct _Efreet_Desktop
int type; /**< type of desktop file */
int ref; /**< reference count - internal */
char *version; /**< version of spec file conforms to */
char *orig_path; /**< original path to .desktop file */
long long load_time; /**< modified time of .desktop on disk */
char *name; /**< Specific name of the application */
char *generic_name; /**< Generic name of the application */
char *comment; /**< Tooltip for the entry */
char *icon; /**< Icon to display in file manager, menus, etc */
char *try_exec; /**< Binary to determine if app is installed */
char *exec; /**< Program to execute */
char *path; /**< Working directory to run app in */
char *startup_wm_class; /**< If specified will map at least one window with
the given string as it's WM class or WM name */
char *url; /**< URL to access if type is EFREET_TYPE_LINK */
Eina_List *only_show_in; /**< list of environments that should
display the icon */
Eina_List *not_show_in; /**< list of environments that shoudn't
display the icon */
Eina_List *categories; /**< Categories in which item should be shown */
Eina_List *mime_types; /**< The mime types supppored by this app */
unsigned char no_display; /**< Don't display this application in menus */
unsigned char hidden; /**< User delete the item */
unsigned char terminal; /**< Does the program run in a terminal */
unsigned char startup_notify; /**< The starup notify settings of the app */
unsigned char cached:1; /**< The desktop file is cached by Efreet */
unsigned char eet:1; /**< The desktop file is in eet cache */
Eina_Hash *x; /**< Keep track of all user extensions, keys that begin with X- */
void *type_data; /**< Type specific data for custom types */
EAPI Efreet_Desktop *efreet_desktop_get(const char *file);
EAPI int efreet_desktop_ref(Efreet_Desktop *desktop);
EAPI Efreet_Desktop *efreet_desktop_empty_new(const char *file);
EAPI Efreet_Desktop *efreet_desktop_new(const char *file);
EAPI Efreet_Desktop *efreet_desktop_uncached_new(const char *file);
EAPI void efreet_desktop_free(Efreet_Desktop *desktop);
* @def efreet_desktop_unref(desktop)
* Alias for efreet_desktop_free(desktop)
#define efreet_desktop_unref(desktop) efreet_desktop_free((desktop))
EAPI int efreet_desktop_save(Efreet_Desktop *desktop);
EAPI int efreet_desktop_save_as(Efreet_Desktop *desktop,
const char *file);
EAPI void efreet_desktop_exec(Efreet_Desktop *desktop,
Eina_List *files, void *data);
EAPI void efreet_desktop_environment_set(const char *environment);
EAPI const char *efreet_desktop_environment_get(void);
EAPI void *efreet_desktop_command_progress_get(Efreet_Desktop *desktop,
Eina_List *files,
Efreet_Desktop_Command_Cb cb_command,
Efreet_Desktop_Progress_Cb cb_prog,
void *data);
EAPI void *efreet_desktop_command_get(Efreet_Desktop *desktop,
Eina_List *files,
Efreet_Desktop_Command_Cb func,
void *data);
EAPI Eina_List * efreet_desktop_command_local_get(Efreet_Desktop *desktop,
Eina_List *files);
EAPI unsigned int efreet_desktop_category_count_get(Efreet_Desktop *desktop);
EAPI void efreet_desktop_category_add(Efreet_Desktop *desktop,
const char *category);
EAPI int efreet_desktop_category_del(Efreet_Desktop *desktop,
const char *category);
EAPI int efreet_desktop_type_add(const char *type,
Efreet_Desktop_Type_Parse_Cb parse_func,
Efreet_Desktop_Type_Save_Cb save_func,
Efreet_Desktop_Type_Free_Cb free_func);
EAPI int efreet_desktop_type_alias (int from_type,
const char *alias);
EAPI void *efreet_desktop_type_data_get(Efreet_Desktop *desktop);
EAPI Eina_List *efreet_desktop_string_list_parse(const char *string);
EAPI char *efreet_desktop_string_list_join(Eina_List *list);
EAPI Eina_Bool efreet_desktop_x_field_set(Efreet_Desktop *desktop, const char *key, const char *data);
EAPI const char * efreet_desktop_x_field_get(Efreet_Desktop *desktop, const char *key);
EAPI Eina_Bool efreet_desktop_x_field_del(Efreet_Desktop *desktop, const char *key);
* @}