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Eeze 1.0.0 BETA





ecore (at least 1.0.0)

Eeze is a library for manipulating devices through udev with a simple and fast
api. It interfaces directly with libudev, avoiding such middleman daemons as
udisks/upower or hal, to immediately gather device information the instant it
becomes known to the system. This can be used to determine such things as:
* If a cdrom has a disk inserted
* The temperature of a cpu core
* The remaining power left in a battery
* The current power consumption of various parts
* Monitor in realtime the status of peripheral devices

Each of the above examples can be performed by using only a single eeze
function, as one of the primary focuses of the library is to reduce the
complexity of managing devices.


(as root unless you are installing in your users directories):
make install