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# include <libintl.h>
# define _(str) dgettext(PACKAGE, str)
# define _(str) (str)
* @file efreet_private.h
* @brief Contains methods and defines that are private to the Efreet
* implementaion
* @addtogroup Efreet_Private Efreet_Private: Private methods and defines
* @ingroup Efreet
* @{
* @def NEW(x, c)
* Allocate and zero out c structures of type x
#define NEW(x, c) calloc(c, sizeof(x))
* @def FREE(x)
* Free x and set to NULL
#define FREE(x) do { free(x); x = NULL; } while (0)
* @def IF_FREE(x)
* If x is set, free x and set to NULL
#define IF_FREE(x) do { if (x) FREE(x); } while (0)
* @def IF_RELEASE(x)
* If x is set, eina_stringshare_del x and set to NULL
#define IF_RELEASE(x) eina_stringshare_replace(&(x), NULL)
* @def IF_FREE_LIST(x)
* If x is a valid pointer destroy x and set to NULL
#define IF_FREE_LIST(list, free_cb) \
do \
{ \
void *_data; \
EINA_LIST_FREE(list, _data) \
free_cb(_data); \
} \
while (0)
* @def IF_FREE_HASH(x)
* If x is a valid pointer destroy x and set to NULL
#define IF_FREE_HASH(x) do { \
if (x) { \
Eina_Hash *__tmp; __tmp = (x); (x) = NULL; eina_hash_free(__tmp); \
} \
(x) = NULL; \
} while (0)
* @def IF_FREE_HASH_CB(x, cb)
* If x is a valid pointer destroy x with cb and set to NULL
#define IF_FREE_HASH_CB(x, cb) do { \
if (x) { \
Eina_Hash *__tmp; __tmp = (x); (x) = NULL; efreet_hash_free(__tmp, cb); \
} \
(x) = NULL; \
} while (0)
#define EFREET_DEFAULT_LOG_COLOR "\033[36m"
#error "Need to define a log domain"
* macros that are used all around the code for message processing
* four macros are defined ERR, WRN, DGB, INF.
* EFREET_MODULE_LOG_DOM should be defined individually for each module
#ifdef ERR
#undef ERR
#ifdef DBG
#undef DBG
#ifdef INF
#undef INF
#ifdef WRN
#undef WRN
typedef struct _Efreet_Cache_Icon Efreet_Cache_Icon;
typedef struct _Efreet_Cache_Icon_Element Efreet_Cache_Icon_Element;
typedef struct _Efreet_Cache_Fallback_Icon Efreet_Cache_Fallback_Icon;
struct _Efreet_Cache_Icon
const char *theme;
Efreet_Cache_Icon_Element **icons;
unsigned int icons_count;
struct _Efreet_Cache_Icon_Element
const char **paths; /* possible paths for icon */
unsigned int paths_count;
unsigned short type; /* size type of icon */
unsigned short normal; /* The size for this icon */
unsigned short min; /* The minimum size for this icon */
unsigned short max; /* The maximum size for this icon */
struct _Efreet_Cache_Fallback_Icon
const char *theme;
const char **icons;
unsigned int icons_count;
typedef struct _Efreet_Cache_Version Efreet_Cache_Version;
struct _Efreet_Cache_Version
unsigned char major;
unsigned char minor;
typedef struct _Efreet_Cache_Hash Efreet_Cache_Hash;
struct _Efreet_Cache_Hash
Eina_Hash *hash;
typedef struct _Efreet_Cache_Array_String Efreet_Cache_Array_String;
struct _Efreet_Cache_Array_String
const char **array;
unsigned int array_count;
int efreet_base_init(void);
void efreet_base_shutdown(void);
int efreet_cache_init(void);
void efreet_cache_shutdown(void);
int efreet_icon_init(void);
void efreet_icon_shutdown(void);
int efreet_menu_init(void);
void efreet_menu_shutdown(void);
EAPI Eina_List *efreet_default_dirs_get(const char *user_dir,
Eina_List *system_dirs,
const char *suffix);
int efreet_ini_init(void);
void efreet_ini_shutdown(void);
int efreet_desktop_init(void);
void efreet_desktop_shutdown(void);
int efreet_util_init(void);
int efreet_util_shutdown(void);
const char *efreet_home_dir_get(void);
void efreet_dirs_reset(void);
const char *efreet_lang_get(void);
const char *efreet_lang_country_get(void);
const char *efreet_lang_modifier_get(void);
EAPI const char *efreet_language_get(void);
size_t efreet_array_cat(char *buffer, size_t size, const char *strs[]);
void efreet_cache_desktop_close(void);
void efreet_cache_desktop_build(void);
Efreet_Desktop *efreet_cache_desktop_find(const char *file);
void efreet_cache_desktop_free(Efreet_Desktop *desktop);
void efreet_cache_desktop_add(Efreet_Desktop *desktop);
void efreet_cache_icon_exts_add(Eina_List *exts);
void efreet_cache_icon_dirs_add(Eina_List *dirs);
Efreet_Cache_Array_String *efreet_cache_desktop_dirs(void);
Efreet_Cache_Icon *efreet_cache_icon_find(Efreet_Icon_Theme *theme, const char *icon);
Efreet_Cache_Fallback_Icon *efreet_cache_icon_fallback_find(const char *icon);
Efreet_Icon_Theme *efreet_cache_icon_theme_find(const char *theme);
Eina_List *efreet_cache_icon_theme_list(void);
Efreet_Cache_Hash *efreet_cache_util_hash_string(const char *key);
Efreet_Cache_Hash *efreet_cache_util_hash_array_string(const char *key);
Efreet_Cache_Array_String *efreet_cache_util_names(const char *key);
EAPI void efreet_cache_array_string_free(Efreet_Cache_Array_String *array);
EAPI void efreet_hash_free(Eina_Hash *hash, Eina_Free_Cb free_cb);
EAPI void efreet_setowner(const char *path);
EAPI void efreet_fsetowner(int fd);
EAPI extern int efreet_cache_update;
* @}