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2008-04-20 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
1.0.0 release
2008-04-28 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Fixed allocation of a list (EET_G_LIST) of simple types
(IS_SIMPLE_TYPE) to alloc the correct amount (using the correct type
offset). Also fixed a hash (EET_G_HASH) of simple types too.
2008-05-14 Cedric BAIL
* Fix conversion from a text to a hash (EET_G_HASH).
* Fix inlined string (EET_T_INLINED_STRING) dump/undump by introducing
the new word for the parser 'inlined'.
2008-05-15 Cedric BAIL
* Fix a typo preventing the parsing of unsigned int (EET_T_UINT).
* Fix group of simple type by implicitly creating a structure with
the simple type in it.
* Remove dead code handling group of simple type and put assert
2008-05-16 Cedric BAIL
* Fix eet_data_descriptor3_new as it purpose was to introduce
str_direct_alloc/str_direct_free usage. Application should now receive
direct pointer to read only (mmaped) string.
* Fix EET_FILE_MODE_READ_WRITE when file doesn't exist.
* Fix some miss use of efn->offset.
* Introduce unit test in EFL. The current set provide an overall
coverage rate of 2111 of 2607 lines (81.0%) for eet. It helped
finding and fixing the bugs of the last three days.
The test suite is based on library check. At this time we need
cvs version, look at http://check.sourceforge.net/ to find it.
The covering is done by gcov
The html report is done by lcov version 1.6 or above.
You can found it at http://ltp.sourceforge.net/coverage/lcov.php.
2008-05-19 Cedric BAIL
* Old Eet file format is now marked as deprecated and accessing old
file will display a warning. You can already remove completely all
code related to it, but it's still enabled by default. We will later
disable it by default and at some point drop the support completely.
* Remove use of strcpy and sprintf definitively.
2008-06-02 Cedric BAIL
* Introduce tile support and the possibility to decompress eet
image inside an existing surface.
2008-06-26 Cedric BAIL
* Massiv code cleanup.
* Add EET_G_ARRAY and EET_G_VAR_ARRAY support.
* Plan for version 2.0 API break of eet_data_descriptor_element_add.
2008-07-17 Cedric BAIL
Implement various speed improvement :
* Use the precomputed hash value for Eet_Data_Chunk.
* Use a hash table instead of a list for pointer that need to be freed.
* Use directly the pointer from the dictionary to do a pointer
comparison instead of a strcmp.
2008-07-24 Cedric BAIL
* Fix wrongly stored image when compressed size is bigger than
uncompressed. Fix bug #523.
2008-07-24 Vincent Torri
* Add Visual Studio solution and vc projects to compile Eet
with Microsoft tools.
Written by Dmitriy Mazovka.
2008-08-20 Cedric BAIL
* Fix the dictionnary check during eet_open.
2008-08-22 Cedric BAIL
* Fix memory leaks in eet_data strings
2008-09-03 Cedric BAIL
* Fix inline-jpeg decode to use mem buf, not tmp-file on platforms that
don't support mem_open() etc.
* Add eet_memopen_read() to be able to open an eet file already
mapped in memory (eg compiled-in or mmaped some other way).
2008-09-11 Cedric BAIL
* Improve hash generation speed for big files.
* Inline more functions explicitly for speed.
2008-09-25 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
1.1.0 release
2008-10-20 Cedric BAIL
* Make use of eina.
2008-10-23 Cedric BAIL
* Fix string in list and hash.
2008-10-24 Cedric BAIL
* Fix array in eet_data.
2008-11-13 Cedric BAIL
* Add crypto support to eet with OpenSSL.
2008-11-13 Arnaud de Turckheim
* Add GNUtls support to eet.
2008-11-14 Cedric BAIL
* Make password callback work with GNUtls.
2008-11-26 Cedric BAIL
* Add a function to retrieve raw signature.
2009-01-30 Cedric BAIL
* Fix a corrupted pointer use in eet_cipher.c
2009-02-09 Chidambar Zinnoury
* Add some missing __UNUSED__ flags.
2009-02-26 Luis Felipe Strano Moraes
* Fix problem reported by llvm
2009-03-09 Cedric BAIL
* Add sha1 retrieval for an Eet_File.
2009-03-17 Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
* Force fsync() after data is written to file, solve ext4 issues.
2009-03-18 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Disable fsync. Edit the code if you need it.
2009-03-19 Cedric BAIL
* Make eet_data thread safe.
2009-03-25 Cedric BAIL
* Fix eet pkg-config dependencies.
* Fix double init of gcry.
2009-04-22 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Release eet 1.2.0
2009-05-18 Cedric BAIL
* Cleanup Eet_Data code.
2009-06-02 Cedric BAIL
* Make eet_node API usable.
2009-06-14 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Release eet 1.2.1
2009-07-08 Cedric BAIL
* Reorder gcry init to be used during gnutls init.
2009-07-11 Hanspeter Portner
* Improve docs/examples in Eet.h
2009-07-23 Cedric BAIL
* Fix init on system without SECMEM.
2009-07-29 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Release eet 1.2.2
2009-08-13 Cedric BAIL
* Deprecating eet_data_descriptor*_new.
* Add eet_data_descriptor_stream_new and eet_data_descriptor_file_new.
* Add eina helper.
* Cleanup Eet_Data_Descriptor code.
2009-08-16 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Fix eet data encode to encode empty structs etc. so save saves
something as opposed to nothing
2009-08-16 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Fix documentation of eet_data_write() and eet_write() for return
value to return # of bytes written, not 1 or 0
2009-08-16 Vincent Torri
* Fix build with suncc (missing alloca() declaration in eet_cipher.c)
2009-09-15 Mathieu Taillefumier
* Use new Eina_Log infrastructure to report error.
2009-09-15 Cedric BAIL
* Remove apparently useless eet_freeleak_* from eet_data.
2009-09-29 Cedric BAIL
* Add Fixed Point support and make it possible to switch from float
and double to any fixed point variant supported by eina.
Note: File saved with fixed point could be read by older version of
eet library with EET_T_DOUBLE type.
2009-10-01 Mathieu Taillefumier
* remove useless Eina_Log macros.
2009-10-01 Vincent Torri
* Check the returned value of eet_init() in the binary.
* Use binary mode of fopen() in eet_main() for Windows compatibility.
2009-10-09 Vincent Torri
* initialize eina first in eet_init().
2009-11-02 Vincent Torri
* allow generation of one single file with all source code in it.
See configure help to enable it (--enable-amalgamation).
2009-11-11 Vincent Torri
* Add check on libgcrypt library in configure. Needed when GNUtls
support is enabled.
2009-12-02 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Release eet 1.2.3
2009-12-03 Cedric BAIL
* Make all operation on Eet_File thread safe.
2009-12-07 Cedric BAIL
* Fix error when retrieving a different float type than the stored one.
* Reduce conversion with a little memory overhead.
2009-12-07 Vincent Torri
* Include winsock2.h in eet_image.c for htonl definition on Windows.
* Fix Visual Studio project files
2009-12-11 Cedric BAIL
* Make eet_data_descriptor_free safe to call on NULL pointer.
2009-12-21 Cedric BAIL
* More work on eet_node dump code.
2009-12-28 Cedric BAIL
* Add fully functionnal eet_node dump code.
2009-12-29 Cedric BAIL
* Don't mess up when memory realloc failed during data descriptor creation.
2010-01-04 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Fix another thread deadlock in mutex handling even in a single-threaded app.
2010-01-12 Cedric BAIL
* Rewrite Eet_Data. Now you can do list/hash/array of strings and all
the test suite is passing.
* Add eet_data_node_decode_cipher and eet_data_node_read_cipher.
2010-01-15 Cedric BAIL
* Fix amalgamation.
2010-01-16 Vincent Torri
* eet_cipher.c: Fix arithmetic pointer on void *
2010-01-17 Cedric BAIL
* Add a mempool for Eet_Node.
2010-01-21 Cedric BAIL
* Add experimental API to walk Eet_Node tree.
2010-01-22 Cedric BAIL
* Add VAR_ARRAY tests.
2010-01-27 Cedric BAIL
* Improve security by zeroying cipher material as soon as possible.
2010-01-27 Cedric BAIL
* Improve security by zeroying cipher material as soon as possible.
2010-03-01 Albin Tonnerre
* Fix override of global symbols.
2010-03-15 Adam Simpkins / Cedric BAIL
* Fix clearcache race condition.
2010-04-02 Cedric BAIL
* Fix eet_data_node_read_cipher return type.
* Add Eet_Connection.
2010-04-07 Cedric BAIL
* Improve eet_eina_file_data_descriptor_class_set by using
eina_hash_direct_add to avoid duplication hash key string.
2010-04-08 Cedric BAIL
* Fix file corruption reported by Tiago Falcao <tiago@profusion.mobi>
2010-04-09 Cedric BAIL
* Add eet_sync.
* Only delete the file at the last possible time.
* Reduce open file descriptor.
2010-04-16 Cedric BAIL
* Handle fixed point in data stream.
2010-04-21 Cedric BAIL
2010-05-29 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Add Eet_Version, eet_version.
* Make configure.ac use m4 defines for version
* Support SVN revision in version check
2010-06-07 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Release eet 1.3.0
2010-06-27 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Release eet 1.3.2
2010-06-29 Vincent Torri
* On Windows 64, long is of size 32 bits and not 64 bits. Also
LONG_BIT is not defined on Windows.
2010-06-29 Cedric BAIL
* Add eet_alias support.
* Fix possible dead lock in eet_write_cipher.
2010-07-08 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Moved Eet.h into $includedir/eet-MAJOR_VERSION/
2010-07-15 Vincent Torri
* Add native Windows thread support instead of using pthread
(less overhead). On other OS, pthread is still used by default.
Pass --enable-win32-threads to activate thread support on
2010-07-20 Cedric BAIL
* Improve file change detection in eet_open by checking size also.
2010-08-02 Cedric BAIL
* Fix bug in eet_connection code when running on 32bits machine.
2010-08-06 Cedric BAIL
2010-08-06 Cedric BAIL
* Break eet_eina_* function helper to provide a clean API/ABI to
prevent futur break. This should prevent the ABI break that was
introduced with release 1.3.0.
* Add a specific allocator for array. This should fix wrong allocation
case discovered with recent edje file format change.
2010-08-23 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Fix some cppcheck complaints - all of them bogus though.
Nothing actually fixed.
2010-08-27 Cedric BAIL
* Prevent the build of eet data structure that doesn't match what
the application is expecting.
2010-09-02 Cedric BAIL
* Fix bug of ever growing dictionnary and improve strcmp comparison.
2010-11-12 Cedric BAIL
* Don't try to read broken file when open in READ_WRITE mode.
2010-11-14 Cedric BAIL
* Fix bug with cypher and compression used together.
2010-11-21 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Fix another bug related to cipher and compression (leak and
bad free)
2010-11-25 Cedric BAIL
2010-11-26 Cedric BAIL
* Reduce memory used by Eet dictionary.
2010-11-29 Cedric BAIL
* Improve speed of Eet_String users. It does impact all string
encoding/decoding, but even faster for stringshare encoding.
* Improve speed when decoding mostly array with eet_data_read.
2010-12-03 Cedric BAIL
* Improve portability.
2010-12-07 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Move raw function pointer defs to typedefs in public API for
readability improvements.
2011-01-29 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* 1.4.0 release
2011-01-29 Vincent Torri
* Use eina_stringshare_add() instead of strdup() on mmaped file names
on Windows. This fix eet shut down on Windows.
2011-02-14 Cedric BAIL
* Improve Eet_Data to make decoding of EET_G_UNION and EET_G_*ARRAY
faster and less memory heavy.
2011-05-14 Cedric BAIL
* Use Eina_Lock.
* Sync GNUTLS initialisation with Eina.
2011-05-17 Cedric BAIL
* Use Eina_File.
* Fix test forgetting to initialize eet.
2011-05-23 Vincent Torri
* Fix compilation with libjpeg 8 on Windows.
2011-06-10 Cedric BAIL
* Add EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_LIST_STRING helper to define List of char *.
2011-07-04 Mike Blumenkrantz
* Add functions to manipulate nodes:
eet_node_children_get, eet_node_next_get, eet_node_parent_get,
eet_node_type_get, eet_node_value_get, eet_node_name_get
* Fix segmentation faults in several eet_node functions
2011-07-16 Vincent Torri
* On Windows, open() in text mode followed by fdopen() in
binary mode does not create a stream in binary mode.
So add O_BINARY to open().
2011-07-29 Mike Blumenkrantz
* Add eet_alias_get to return the destination name of an alias
2011-09-15 Cedric Bail
* Add eet_data_xattr_cipher_get and eet_data_xattr_cipher_set.
2011-10-04 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Fix issue where an empty eet file (no keys) is not openable
for read/write anymore. Allow it.
2011-10-28 David Seikel (onefang)
* Added a new macro for adding arrays of basic types.
2011-11-16 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* JPEG encode and decode in eet now uses ISLOW (not IFAST) due to
noticable quality losses in the chase for speed. It will use
IFAST for quality less than 60 when encoding
2011-12-02 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
1.5.0 release
2011-12-02 Mike Blumenkrantz
* added eet_file_get to return the filename of an Eet_File
* Eet_File filenames are now stringshared
* added mempool allocators
2011-12-29 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* increase eet_connection packet size to 1Mb - more reasonable.
2012-01-07 Boris Faure (billiob)
* make eet tool write to standard output if no output file given.
2012-02-09 Cedric Bail
* add support for GNUTLS 3.x.
2012-02-10 Cedric Bail
* add eet_dictionary_count.
* add "eet -t FILE.EET".
2012-03-29 David Seikel (onefang)
* Added a new macro for adding variable arrays of basic types.
2012-04-26 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
1.6.0 release
2012-05-11 Cedric Bail
* Force destruction of all pending file when shuting down eet.
2012-05-14 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Add LZ4/LZ4HC compression & decompression capabilities
2012-05-15 Cedric Bail
* Make eet_dictionary thread safe.
2012-05-30 Cedric Bail
* Check that gnutls and openssl don't return below zero size during decipher.
2012-06-27 Leandro Santiago
* Fix crash when cyphering huge amount of data.
2012-07-16 Cedric Bail
* Add code to detect overrun and underrun in eet_data_descriptor_element_add.
* Fix possible wrong size decoding for simple type.
2012-08-09 Cedric Bail
* Don't copy string around for nothing.
2012-08-22 Igor Murzov (GArik_)
* Fixed memory leak of eet_data_chunk_put().
2012-08-24 Cedric Bail
* Add eet_connection_empty.
2012-08-26 Cedric Bail
* Correctly initialize dictionary correctly.
2012-08-30 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
1.7.0 release
2012-09-21 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Fix big endian bug with eet image handling and endianess swapping.