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Eina 1.8.0
Changes since Eina 1.7.0:
* Add DOCTYPE children parsing in eina_simple_xml
* Speedup Eina Rbtree Iterator by recycling memory instead of massively calling malloc/free.
Eina 1.7.0
Changes since Eina 1.2.0:
* Add backtrace support to Eina_Log, use EINA_LOG_BACKTRACE to enable it.
* Add an helper to iterate over line in a mapped file.
* Add EINA_SENTINEL to protect variadic functions
* Add EINA_SAFETY checks for proper function arguments.
* Add check if given arguments (distance and coordinates) in eina_tiler
and eina_rectangle are not below zero
* Add missing files in the tarball.
* Rounding issue with eina_f32p32_cos and eina_f32p32_sin when getting close to 1.0.
* Portability issue with Eina_Value when char are not signed by default (case on ARM
and PPC).
* Portability issue with Eina_Value test suite when unsigned where not promoted to
unsigned long (case on Itanium).
* Fix issue in the XML parser when a tag was in a comment or a CDATA.
* Implement eina_file_map_lines() on Windows.
* Handle NULL in all eina_*_free function.
* eina_log_console_color_set()
* Documentation for eina list specified and eina stringshare fixed.
* eina_convert_atofp wrong return value if fp is NULL.
* configure options: --disable-posix-threads, --disable-win32-threads,
Eina 1.2.0
Changes since Eina 1.1.0:
* eina_mempool_calloc.
* Eina_Semaphore abstraction API.
* eina_xattr_fd_ls.
* Eina_Xattr iterator : eina_xattr_value_fd_ls and eina_xattr_value_ls.
* eina_file_map_faulted.
* Xattr iterator for Eina_File : eina_file_xattr_get/value_get.
* deprecated eina_array_count_get(), use eina_array_count() instead.
* eina_inarray data type.
* eina_value data type (generic value storage).
* eina_file_stat.
* eina_log*level_check.
* eina_*buf_manage_new_length.
* Eina_Stringshare typedef.
* add eina_file_map_faulted() for windows port (was missing).
* compilation errors in Eina_RWLock when building on Windows newer than XP.
* stop leaking Eina_File.
* remove dead lock in Eina_File.
* bug on eina_shutdown when using eina_error.
* NONNULL argument for eina_hash_find.
* compilation of eina_semaphore_lock on Windows.
* forgotten initialization of eina list count during eina_list_split_list.
* leak in Eina_File.
* deadlock in Eina_File.
* make it possible to force the number of detected CPU on a system.
* faster implementation of Eina_Rbtree.
* let eina_hash_free behave like free.
Eina 1.1.0 (2011-12-02)
Changes since Eina 1.0.0:
* eina_unicode_strndup API
* eina unicode UTF8 convenience calls API
* eina_list_move functions to move list nodes from list to list directly
* simple SAX XML parser API added
* inlist sort and sorted insert API
* mempool repack API
* eina_file API for portable file memory-mapping with IO saffety traps
* thread locks, conditions etc. wrapper API for portability
* prefix API for apps or libs to find their runtime prefix location
* refcount macro API
* binbuf for binary extendable buffers API
* eina_hash_free_cb_set API
* eina_main_loop_is API
* eina_strbuf_manage_new and eina_ustrbuf_manage_new APIs
* eina_xattr API's
* eina_hash_murmur3 API
* compilation problems with some configure options
* stat issue if file size is in bytes and serial number overran 32bits
* uninstall of mempool modules
* static build of buddy mempool
* stringshare multi-init bug
* windows port of eina_sched_prio_drop
* eina_hash_set to handle data being NULL like eina_hash_del
* static linking to eina (iconv can be avoided)
* eina_share_common_del and eina_share_common_ref unlock bug
* scalability/speed improvements in Chained Mempool
* stringshare as storage for eina error strings now