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Bruno Dilly 1337582286 ephysics: add test for light 11 years ago
ecore oops - good catch seb! 11 years ago
edbus edbus: Remove edbus_real_method 11 years ago
edje edje/edje_entry : Add more tags(preedit_sub1~4) for supporting a 11 years ago
eet merge: add COPYING files (BSD 2-clause, LGPL and GPL) and doc 11 years ago
eeze eeze/sensor: Remove handle_get() test for Eeze_Sensor as it gone from the code. 11 years ago
efreet efreet: find icons with all extension 11 years ago
eina elf: Ignore build output in git 11 years ago
eio eio: Fix possible memory corruption in eio_eet_data_read_cipher() 11 years ago
embryo news+chlog for embryo windows build fix. 11 years ago
emotion emotion: actually theme.edj depend on theme.edc. 11 years ago
eobj eobj .gitignore: Added .gitignore. 11 years ago
ephysics ephysics: add test for light 11 years ago
escape added short description in the missing README contents 12 years ago
ethumb From: Michal Jagiello <> 11 years ago
evas small fixes from GArik_ .. tnx! 11 years ago
evil merge: move NEWS. All those names must be fixed later 11 years ago