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#ifndef EDJE_CC_H
#define EDJE_CC_H
#include <edje_private.h>
extern Eina_Prefix *pfx;
* On Windows, if the file is not opened in binary mode,
* read does not return the correct size, because of
* CR / LF translation.
#ifndef O_BINARY
# define O_BINARY 0
/* logging variables */
extern int _edje_cc_log_dom ;
#ifdef ERR
# undef ERR
#define ERR(...) EINA_LOG_DOM_ERR(_edje_cc_log_dom, __VA_ARGS__)
#ifdef INF
# undef INF
#define INF(...) EINA_LOG_DOM_INFO(_edje_cc_log_dom, __VA_ARGS__)
#ifdef WRN
# undef WRN
#define WRN(...) EINA_LOG_DOM_WARN(_edje_cc_log_dom, __VA_ARGS__)
/* types */
typedef struct _New_Object_Handler New_Object_Handler;
typedef struct _New_Statement_Handler New_Statement_Handler;
typedef struct _External_List External_List;
typedef struct _External External;
typedef struct _Font_List Font_List;
typedef struct _Font Font;
typedef struct _Code Code;
typedef struct _Code_Program Code_Program;
typedef struct _SrcFile SrcFile;
typedef struct _SrcFile_List SrcFile_List;
typedef struct _Edje_Program_Parser Edje_Program_Parser;
typedef struct _Edje_Pack_Element_Parser Edje_Pack_Element_Parser;
typedef struct _Edje_Part_Parser Edje_Part_Parser;
struct _New_Object_Handler
const char *type;
void (*func)(void);
struct _New_Statement_Handler
const char *type;
void (*func)(void);
struct _External_List
Eina_List *list;
struct _External
char *name;
struct _Font_List
Eina_List *list;
struct _Font
char *name;
char *file;
struct _Code
int l1, l2;
char *shared;
char *original;
Eina_List *programs;
int is_lua;
struct _Code_Program
int l1, l2;
int id;
char *script;
char *original;
struct _SrcFile
char *name;
char *file;
struct _SrcFile_List
Eina_List *list;
struct _Edje_Program_Parser
Edje_Program common;
Eina_Bool can_override;
struct _Edje_Pack_Element_Parser
Edje_Pack_Element common;
Eina_Bool can_override;
struct _Edje_Part_Parser
Edje_Part common;
struct {
Eina_Bool done;
const char *insert_before; /* the part name for insertion in front of */
const char *insert_after; /* the part name for insertion behind of */
Edje_Part_Parser *before;
Edje_Part_Parser *after;
int linked_prev; /* the number linked previous part for reorder */
int linked_next; /* the number linked next part for reorder */
} reorder;
Eina_Bool can_override;
/* global fn calls */
void data_setup(void);
void data_write(void);
void data_queue_group_lookup(const char *name, Edje_Part *part);
void data_queue_part_lookup(Edje_Part_Collection *pc, const char *name, int *dest);
void data_queue_copied_part_lookup(Edje_Part_Collection *pc, int *src, int *dest);
void data_queue_program_lookup(Edje_Part_Collection *pc, const char *name, int *dest);
void data_queue_copied_program_lookup(Edje_Part_Collection *pc, int *src, int *dest);
void data_queue_anonymous_lookup(Edje_Part_Collection *pc, Edje_Program *ep, int *dest);
void data_queue_copied_anonymous_lookup(Edje_Part_Collection *pc, int *src, int *dest);
void data_queue_image_lookup(char *name, int *dest, Eina_Bool *set);
void data_queue_copied_image_lookup(int *src, int *dest, Eina_Bool *set);
void data_queue_image_remove(int *dest, Eina_Bool *set);
void data_queue_part_slave_lookup(int *master, int *slave);
void data_queue_image_slave_lookup(int *master, int *slave);
void data_queue_spectrum_lookup(char *name, int *dest);
void data_queue_spectrum_slave_lookup(int *master, int *slave);
void data_process_lookups(void);
void data_process_scripts(void);
void data_process_script_lookups(void);
void part_description_image_cleanup(Edje_Part *ep);
int is_verbatim(void);
void track_verbatim(int on);
void set_verbatim(char *s, int l1, int l2);
char *get_verbatim(void);
int get_verbatim_line1(void);
int get_verbatim_line2(void);
void compile(void);
int is_param(int n);
int is_num(int n);
char *parse_str(int n);
int parse_enum(int n, ...);
int parse_flags(int n, ...);
int parse_int(int n);
int parse_int_range(int n, int f, int t);
int parse_bool(int n);
double parse_float(int n);
double parse_float_range(int n, double f, double t);
int get_arg_count(void);
void check_arg_count(int n);
void check_min_arg_count(int n);
int object_handler_num(void);
int statement_handler_num(void);
void reorder_parts(void);
void source_edd(void);
void source_fetch(void);
int source_append(Eet_File *ef);
SrcFile_List *source_load(Eet_File *ef);
int source_fontmap_save(Eet_File *ef, Eina_List *fonts);
Font_List *source_fontmap_load(Eet_File *ef);
void *mem_alloc(size_t size);
char *mem_strdup(const char *s);
#define SZ sizeof
void using_file(const char *filename);
void error_and_abort(Eet_File *ef, const char *fmt, ...);
/* global vars */
extern Eina_List *ext_dirs;
extern Eina_List *img_dirs;
extern Eina_List *fnt_dirs;
extern Eina_List *snd_dirs;
extern char *file_in;
extern char *tmp_dir;
extern char *file_out;
extern char *progname;
extern char *watchfile;
extern int verbose;
extern int no_lossy;
extern int no_comp;
extern int no_raw;
extern int no_save;
extern int min_quality;
extern int max_quality;
extern int line;
extern Eina_List *stack;
extern Eina_List *params;
extern Edje_File *edje_file;
extern Eina_List *edje_collections;
extern Eina_List *externals;
extern Eina_List *fonts;
extern Eina_List *codes;
extern Eina_List *defines;
extern Eina_List *aliases;
extern New_Object_Handler object_handlers[];
extern New_Statement_Handler statement_handlers[];
extern int compress_mode;
extern int threads;