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#ifndef EDJE_CONVERT_H__
# define EDJE_CONVERT_H__
typedef struct _Old_Edje_File Old_Edje_File;
typedef struct _Old_Edje_Image_Directory Old_Edje_Image_Directory;
typedef struct _Old_Edje_Font_Directory Old_Edje_Font_Directory;
typedef struct _Old_Edje_External_Directory Old_Edje_External_Directory;
typedef struct _Old_Edje_Part Old_Edje_Part;
typedef struct _Old_Edje_Part_Collection Old_Edje_Part_Collection;
typedef struct _Old_Edje_Part_Collection_Directory Old_Edje_Part_Collection_Directory;
typedef struct _Old_Edje_Part_Description Old_Edje_Part_Description;
typedef struct _Old_Edje_Part_Description_Spec_Image Old_Edje_Part_Description_Spec_Image;
typedef struct _Old_Edje_Data Old_Edje_Data;
struct _Old_Edje_Data
const char *key;
char *value;
struct _Old_Edje_Font_Directory
Eina_List *entries; /* a list of Edje_Font_Directory_Entry */
struct _Old_Edje_Image_Directory
Eina_List *entries; /* a list of Edje_Image_Directory_Entry */
Eina_List *sets; /* a list of Edje_Image_Directory_Set */
struct _Old_Edje_External_Directory
Eina_List *entries; /* a list of Edje_External_Directory_Entry */
struct _Old_Edje_File
const char *path;
time_t mtime;
Old_Edje_External_Directory *external_dir;
Old_Edje_Font_Directory *font_dir;
Old_Edje_Image_Directory *image_dir;
Old_Edje_Part_Collection_Directory *collection_dir;
Eina_List *data;
Eina_List *styles;
Eina_List *color_classes;
const char *compiler;
int version;
int feature_ver;
struct _Old_Edje_Part_Collection
Eina_List *programs; /* a list of Edje_Program */
Eina_List *parts; /* a list of Edje_Part */
Eina_List *data;
int id; /* the collection id */
Eina_Hash *alias; /* aliasing part*/
struct {
Edje_Size min, max;
} prop;
int references;
struct {
Eina_Hash *no_matches;
Eina_Hash *matches;
} prog_cache;
Embryo_Program *script; /* all the embryo script code for this group */
const char *part;
unsigned char script_only;
unsigned char lua_script_only;
unsigned char checked : 1;
struct _Old_Edje_Part
const char *name; /* the name if any of the part */
Old_Edje_Part_Description *default_desc; /* the part descriptor for default */
Eina_List *other_desc; /* other possible descriptors */
const char *source, *source2, *source3, *source4, *source5, *source6;
int id; /* its id number */
int clip_to_id; /* the part id to clip this one to */
Edje_Part_Dragable dragable;
Eina_List *items; /* packed items for box and table */
unsigned char type; /* what type (image, rect, text) */
unsigned char effect; /* 0 = plain... */
unsigned char mouse_events; /* it will affect/respond to mouse events */
unsigned char repeat_events; /* it will repeat events to objects below */
Evas_Event_Flags ignore_flags;
unsigned char scale; /* should certain properties scale with edje scale factor? */
unsigned char precise_is_inside;
unsigned char use_alternate_font_metrics;
unsigned char pointer_mode;
unsigned char entry_mode;
unsigned char select_mode;
unsigned char multiline;
Edje_Part_Api api;
struct _Old_Edje_Part_Description_Spec_Image
Eina_List *tween_list; /* list of Edje_Part_Image_Id */
int id; /* the image id to use */
int scale_hint; /* evas scale hint */
Eina_Bool set; /* if image condition it's content */
Edje_Part_Description_Spec_Border border;
Edje_Part_Description_Spec_Fill fill;
struct _Old_Edje_Part_Description
Edje_Part_Description_Common common;
Old_Edje_Part_Description_Spec_Image image;
Edje_Part_Description_Spec_Text text;
Edje_Part_Description_Spec_Box box;
Edje_Part_Description_Spec_Table table;
Eina_List *external_params; /* parameters for external objects */
struct _Old_Edje_Part_Collection_Directory
Eina_List *entries; /* a list of Edje_Part_Collection_Directory_Entry */
int references;
Edje_File *_edje_file_convert(Eet_File *ef, Old_Edje_File *oedf);
Edje_Part_Collection *_edje_collection_convert(Eet_File *ef,
Edje_Part_Collection_Directory_Entry *ce,
Old_Edje_Part_Collection *oedc);
Edje_Part_Description_Common *_edje_description_convert(int type,
Edje_Part_Collection_Directory_Entry *ce,
Old_Edje_Part_Description *oed);
const Edje_File *_edje_file_get(void);
void _edje_file_set(const Edje_File *edf);