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2011-01-29 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
1.0.0 release
2011-01-29 Brian Mattern
Fix bug when you have an empty <Name></Name> in a menu
2011-01-30 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
Fix tests to not build clearenv related code if not available
2011-01-31 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Fix memleak, free cache icons after retrival
* Add temporary memory cache of eet file data
* Always use icon cache, remove old code
* Make check for stat return more explicit
* Check whether dirs is NULL
* Create internal struct for theme cache
* Check if theme has changed when building cache
* Prefix internal efreet cache keys with __
* Create one cache file for each theme
* Before doing strcmp, check if pointers are equal. They might be
because of mmap and stringshare.
* Add local icon cache, so we wont hit the cache file for each icon
to be retrieved
2011-02-03 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Fix leak in efreet_mime_type_icon_get()
2011-02-05 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Remove global log domain and make all files define log domain
before including efreet_private.h
* Remove efreet_xml_{init,shutdown}() from efreet_menu.c, it is done
in efreet_init()
* Set EFREET_MODULE_LOG_DOM variable to -1 after unregister
* Remove duplicate logging macros
2011-02-05 Hannes Janetzek
* Clear mem cache when closing eet file
2011-02-06 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Fix doc for efreet_utils.{h,c},efreet_mime.c
* Add comment for all internal EAPI functions
* Remove doc for removed _efreet_log_domain_global
2011-02-07 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Don't create cache dir several times
* Do efreet_init before using efreet_*() functions
* Move lock creation to own function for desktop cache
* Set file owner to calling user
2011-02-09 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Move theme hash from efreet_icon.c to efreet_cache.c
* Don't free data returned by efreet_util_cache_names
* Add free callback to eet hashes
* Remove unneeded header
* Check if pattern equals "*" before doing pattern match
* Remove EAPI from efreet_home_dir_get
* Make efreet_cache_icon_theme_free only used in efreet_cache.c static
* Move struct only used for cache to efreet_cache_private.h
2011-02-10 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Move all eet cache handling to efreet_cache.c
* Free hashes on init error
* efreet_cache_icon -> efreet_icon for functions in efreet_icon.c
* Fix memleak in desktop cache create
* Pass dirs to desktop cache process as arguments
* Delay cache recreation with a timer
* Move desktop cache to efreet_cache.c, and cache all requests which
hit the eet cache
2011-03-18 Mike Blumenkrantz
* Use eina_log more effectively
2011-04-04 Tom Hacohen (TAsn)
* Fixed uri encoding when opening files.
2011-08-16 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Always rebuild cache from scratch when needed, but rely on correct
spec behaviour to check for theme changes. This will considerably
speed up the cache process when there is no change, and improve the
correctness of the cache when changes occur. For example didn't the
previous behaviour handle file removal gracefully.
2011-08-16 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Save whether cache changed in update file, and propagate to update
2011-12-02 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
1.1.0 release
2012-01-19 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* use eina_file_direct_ls not opendir()
2012-01-19 Jérôme Pinot
* Documentation fixes.
2012-04-26 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
1.2.0 release
2012-05-11 Cedric Bail
* Faster loading of mime type.
2012-06-25 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Added efreet_lang_reset() to reset language dependent variables and caches
2012-06-25 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Support XDG_DESKTOP_DIR and read user-dirs.dirs
2012-07-02 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Fix minor memory leak in cache update handler
2012-08-30 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
1.7.0 release
2012-09-27 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Fix long lurking bug where desktop/icon cache updates get
delayed by silly long amounts of time.
2012-10-09 Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri (k-s)
* Add $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR support
* Add user directories $XDG_PICTURES_DIR, $XDG_VIDEOS_DIR,
2012-10-10 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Icon cache continues searching in inherited themes to get icon paths
for all possible extensions. This will mainly help those which do not
build evas .svg loader, as many themes only provides .svg, and we can
find .png in inherited themes.
2012-11-02 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Add common dbus daemon to listen for file system updates and to do
cache building.
2012-11-22 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Accept unquoted values in user-dirs.dirs
2012-11-24 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Fix alloca
2012-11-26 Sebastian Dransfeld
* Update language for efreetd