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Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri b28bd3d002 edje shouldn't automagically detect dependencies.
distros such as gentoo will rely on actual wanted dependencies and it
sucks to not have a way to forcefully enable or disable a dependency.

 - user installed eio for some weird reason.
 - user compiles edje, which was finding eio. Without user desire.
 - user removes eio because it's not needed anymore.
 - edje is broken.

Most systems will not have this problem because the package is built
on a pristine system where all dependencies are installed, then the
package is compiled and is impossible to have the user to do such
thing. Not on gentoo and others.

And this commit has a second benefit to disable eio until it's
properly fixed for edje_codegen :-)

SVN revision: 76361
2012-09-10 00:31:16 +00:00
legacy edje shouldn't automagically detect dependencies. 2012-09-10 00:31:16 +00:00