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New in 2.0
- Update the algorithm and data according to UAX #14-24 and
- Rename some functions to reduce namespace pollution
- Make Doxygen documentation better
New in 1.2
- Fix the bug that an assertion in code can fail if an invalid UTF-8 or
UTF-16 sequence is encountered near the end of input
- Remove the specialization of right single quotation mark as closing
punctuation mark in English, French, and Spanish, because it can be
used as apostrophe
- Make Doxygen documentation better
New in 1.1
- Make get_lb_prop_lang static and not an exported symbol
- Define is_line_breakable to alias to is_breakable
- Declare get_next_char_utf* will be changed to lb_get_next_char_utf*
- Move the declarations of get_next_char_utf* from linebreak.h to
- Add the function documentation comments to the header files
New in 1.0
- Update the line breaking data according to UAX #14-22 and
- Add autoconfiscation support (./configure, make, make install)
- Add Makefile for MSVC
First public release (0.9.6, or 20080421)
- Implement line breaking algorithm according to UAX #14-19
- Line breaking data is generated from LineBreak-5.0.0.txt
- Makefile only supports GCC