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If you got a official release tar archive do:
( otherwise if you got this from enlightenment cvs do: ./autogen.sh )
Then to compile:
To install (run this as root, or the user who handles installs):
make install
To run the unit tests (See Note 5 below):
make check
To get the coverage report (See Notes 6 and 7 below):
make coverage
The report is created in the coverage/ subdir
NOTE 1: You MUST make install Eet for it to run properly.
NOTE 2: For compilation with MinGW, fnmatch.h is probably missing.
That file can be found here:
It should be installed in the mingw include directory.
NOTE 3: For compilation with mingw32ce, run configure with the option
NOTE 4: For compilation with cegcc, follow the wiki:
NOTE 5: If you want to be able to run make check, you need library check
from http://check.sourceforge.net/.
NOTE 6: If you want to be able to run coverage test over eet, you will need
gcov (usually any distro provides it) and lcov from
NOTE 7: For coverage support you also need check support.