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2012-04-26 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* 1.0.0 release
2012-04-27 Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ)
* Genlist : Fixed genlist expandable effect bug when we expand/contract
items with many children very quickly.
* Genlist : Realize move items during tree effect only when the item is
not in the queue.
2012-04-30 Jérôme Pinot
* Add missing files in the tarballs.
2012-05-02 Cedric Bail
* Do less allocation and reuse much more Evas_Map.
2012-05-02 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Fix possible problems with other subsystems depending on X11 display
being closed (XCloseDisplay not close() on socket fd).
2012-05-02 ChunEon Park (Hermet)
* Font: actually it doesnt append the font to the hash when font_hash is
created inside. Now it is fixed.
2012-05-03 WooHyun Jung
* Add feature about focus. Focus can be moved in all direction by
by elm_widget_focus_go function.
2012-05-04 Leandro Pereira
* Fix icon not appearing in default Genlist theme.
2012-05-09 Cedric bail
* Reload theme when it change on disk.
2012-05-11 ShilpaOnkar Singh
* Added focus key event handling for the colorselector
2012-05-13 Dave Andreoli
* Fileselector: honor folder_only when using EIO
2012-05-14 Shinwoo Kim
* menu: remove crash issue when no-parent item is passed to the
2012-05-14 Shinwoo Kim (kimcinoo)
* popup: Bug Fix: improper usage of textblock
2012-05-15 Dave Andreoli
* Fileselector: honor folder_only when using EIO
2012-05-16 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Fix genlist ELM_LIST_LIMIT mode to do what it originally did.
Documentation was wrong too and code had a slight bug stopping
genlist from contracting to min size.
* Optimize the case of COMPRESS + homogeneous mode to avoid
queue entirely and use existing known item sizes.
2012-05-16 Dave Andreoli
* Fileselector: Add a wheel spinner that show/spin while EIO is working
2012-05-16 Tom Hacohen (TAsn)
* Fix fileselector selection done bug and pass the right string.
2012-05-22 Jaehwan Kim
* Toolbar: Add the more panel feature in toolbar.
When it is the ELM_TOOLBAR_SHRINK_EXPAND mode and the max item is set,
the items over max number are located in more panel.
The APIs are added for this feature.(elm_toolbar_more_item_get, elm_toolbar_items_max_set/get)
2012-05-22 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Add skeleton for handling remote commands access controls.
2012-05-23 Tae-Hwan Kim (Bluezery)
* Map: Add elm_map_overlays_get & elm_map_overlay_visible_get functions.
2012-05-24 Michal Pakula vel Rutka
* Add ability to use cnp helper code on non-elm widget objects by
falling back to ecore-evas to get the window id.
2012-05-24 Tae-Hwan Kim (Bluezery)
* Add "loaded" signal for elm_map.
2012-05-25 Rob Bradford
* Refactor X11 specific code to use ecore_evas_*_window_get functions
so that the driver for the Ecore_Evas will be checked.
2012-05-28 Mike Blumenkrantz
* Fix sizing calc error in list item homogenizing
2012-05-28 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
* Made elm_object_focus_set() fall back to evbas_object_focus_set()
if the object is not an elm widget.