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Lucas De Marchi f0538fe576 ethumb: better naming for signal arguments
having the same argument names in a D-Bus signal/method is the equivalent
in C to have a function with this signature:

int my_func(int a, int a, int a, int a);


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EFL 1.7.99




EFL is a collection of libraries for handling many common tasks a
developer man have such as data structures, communication, rendering,
widgets and more.


(do this as root unless you are installing in your users directories):
  make install

EFL build is based on "profiles". It will default to "dev" for
unreleased software and "release" for official tarballs. One can
change it with --with-profile=NAME, where NAME is one of:

  * dev: extra checks useful to test software.

  * debug: superset of dev, with debug features and assert().

  * release: optimizations and less checks so it runs faster.

CRYPTOGRAPHIC SYSTEM: EFL officially uses "openssl" library to do
signature, cipher and related. Alternatively one can use "gnutls"
(some distros are strict about licenses and want gnutls instead of
openssl) or disable it. One can change it with --with-crypto=NAME,
where NAME is one of: "openssl", "gnutls" and "none".