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Release 1.1.0
* Convert to Elementary widgets
* Greatly improve PiP UX
* Tweaks to Zoom effect
* Superkey binding for managing window focus
Mike Blumenkrantz (44):
e_comp_get() -> e_comp
convert zoom to elm widgets
remove bad comp usage in pip
fix edje warnings
more elm conversions
bump e version req
make pip crop reset if user shift+clicks without moving
and null the clip pointer because this module is way too smart to crash
disallow pip manage action if no pips exist
update to latest api changes
more api updates
ignore/clean 'compile' file
maybe fix zoom animation geometries?
show clients before performing desk flip
fix zoom key actions
add scroller indicator for zoom effect
fix zoom focus rect sizing to be even on all sides
clip zoom client focus rect to clipper
make zoom focus rect more translucent when active
don't enable map for zoom client effect
make zoom effect more subtle when indicating which window is "active"
use color3 for setting OUTLINE color on zoom text
redo "active" signalling for zoom effect to be more easily themable
improve keyboard navigation for zoom effect
use bring_in for zoom keyboard navigation
disable maximize effect for x11 csd windows
force sizing of zoom effect tables before adding to layout
remove pip delete callback during pip free
make pip move/resize while clipped more accurate based on clip geometry
enable pip edit mode when creating a pip
add Super Ultimate Window Management binding under Desksanity actions
add multipress functionality for superkey
add handling for maintaining sticky windows with superkey
move to single makefile build
require E20+
Release 1.0.3
Mike Blumenkrantz (1):
use correct int size for ds effect iterating
Release 1.0.2
Mike Blumenkrantz (1):
reorder ds client iterator filter to catch override clients before ec->desk deref
Release 1.0.1
Mike Blumenkrantz (3):
raise client zoom obj on mouse in
fix input regions on shaded clients after desk flip
fix multiscreen zoom and current desks zoom