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#ifndef E_MOD_MAIN_H
#define E_MOD_MAIN_H
/* Macros used for config file versioning */
#define MOD_CONFIG_FILE_EPOCH 0x0001
/* Gettext: you need to use the D_ prefix for all your messages,
* like printf D_("Hello World\n"); so can be replaced by gettext */
#define D_(str) dgettext(PACKAGE, str)
typedef struct _Config Config;
typedef struct _Config_Item Config_Item;
/* Base config struct. Store Item Count, etc
* *module (not written to disk) (E Interaction)
* *cfd (not written to disk) (config dialog)
* Store list of your items that you want to keep. (sorting)
* Can define per-module config properties here.
* Version used to know when user config too old */
struct _Config
E_Module *module;
E_Config_Dialog *cfd;
/* The list; their location on screen ? */
Eina_List *conf_items;
/* config file version */
int version;
/* This struct used to hold config for individual items from above list */
struct _Config_Item
/* unique id */
const char *id;
/* selected disk */
const char *disk;
/* Setup the E Module Version, Needed to check if module can run. */
EAPI extern E_Module_Api e_modapi;
/* E API Module Interface Declarations
* Need to initialize, shutdown, save the module */
EAPI void *e_modapi_init(E_Module *m);
EAPI int e_modapi_shutdown(E_Module *m);
EAPI int e_modapi_save(E_Module *m);
/* Function for calling the modules config dialog */
EAPI E_Config_Dialog *e_int_config_diskio_module(E_Container *con, Config_Item *ci);
extern Config *diskio_conf;