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Edgar Gadget Loader

This module load python gadgets in Enlightenment.


* Enlightenment >= 0.24
* Python >= 3.5 (also the -dev package if your disto need them)
* Python-EFL >= 1.11 (built for python3)
* python3-dbus


To install the edgar and all the included gadgets just use:

meson build
ninja -C build
ninja -C build install

The Audio gadget

The gadget provide PulseAudio + mpris2 integration.

It dbus to speak with PulseAudio, thus you need to enable dbus in pulse,
in the /etc/pulse/ you need to have the line:

load-module module-dbus-protocol

Usage tips:
* the main speaker act on the pulse fallback channel, you can change that
using the pavucontrol application.
* mouse-wheel on the speaker to change volume.
* middle-click on the speaker or any slider to toggle mute.

The Dropbox gadget

A simple gadget that show the dropbox daemon status, it also have the ability
to start/stop the daemon.

The LedClock gadget

Usage tips:
* click on the first led column to trigger fancy animations.

How to write your own gadget

I suggest to start from an existing gadget, just copy it's folder and
start hacking, a minimal gadget require:

base_folder/ (need to have the same name as the gadget) (the gadget python script)
gadget.edc (the gadget edje file)

Look at the file (in the python/ folder in sources) for more