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Extra Menu module for Enlightenment

This is a simple module I have initially written for the OpenGeu distribution.
The module is able to generate as many new submenu as you want in the
enlightenemnt main menu. The new menus can have unlimited submenus and the
names can be translated trough a simple file text file.
The menu are generated from .menu files as per FreeDesktop standars. So you
can also use all the existing (fdo compliant) menus.

The module will search in '~/.e/e/extra_menu' and '/usr/share/menus' directory
for new menu to create. Every menu need 3 files (the .menu, .directory and
optionally a .desktop for the menu icons).

The .menu file

This is the first file searched in the user and the system directory.
It contains the menu name, the menu structure, all the menu items and even
other menus. It also contain a link to a .directory file.

it should look like this
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE Menu PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD Menu 1.0//EN" "">

<!--Uncomment this to search the .directory file in /usr/share/desktop-directory -->
<!--<DefaultDirectoryDirs/> -->

<!--Or use this to search the .directory file where the .menu reside -->



The .directory file

This file is used to get the icon and the (translated) text for the menu.
It should reside where the .menu is, but you can also place in other system
directory (see the comments in the .menu file).

[Desktop Entry]


Name=My Own Menu
Name[it]=Il mio menu

The icon parameter can refer to a global .desktop file (if used without the
extension) or can directly link to an image file (if used with the
extension) The more reasonable place for icons (following the fdo spec)
seems: /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/mymenu.png As a last chance you
can also give the full path to the icon file... with the extension :P

The X-Enlightenment-Menu parameter tell the modules where to place your menu
in the enlightenment main menu. It is formed by the name of the parent menu
and a number that is in some way related with the position you want.
main/0 -> put in the top of the main menu
main/11 -> put in the bottom of the main menu
sys/0 -> put in the top of the system menu
E Menus: main(0-11), sys, config (0-2), ...
Note that if the number is too high your menu will not show up.

have fun :)

Freedesktop Menu Specification