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#define D_(str) dgettext(PACKAGE, str)
#ifndef E_MOD_MAIN_H
#define E_MOD_MAIN_H
typedef enum
} MailType;
typedef struct _Config Config;
typedef struct _Config_Item Config_Item;
typedef struct _Config_Box Config_Box;
typedef struct _Instance Instance;
typedef struct _Mail Mail;
struct _Instance
E_Gadcon_Client *gcc;
Evas_Object *mail_obj;
Mail *mail;
Ecore_Exe *exe;
Ecore_Timer *check_timer;
int count;
struct _Mail
Instance *inst;
Evas_Object *mail_obj;
struct _Config
E_Module *module;
E_Config_Dialog *config_dialog;
E_Menu *menu;
Evas_List *instances;
Evas_List *items;
struct _Config_Item
const char *id;
unsigned char show_label;
double check_time;
Evas_List *boxes;
struct _Config_Box
const char *name;
int type;
int port;
unsigned char local;
unsigned char ssl;
unsigned char monitor;
const char *host;
const char *user;
const char *pass;
const char *new_path;
const char *cur_path;
int num_new, num_total;
unsigned char use_exec;
const char *exec;
Ecore_Exe *exe;
EAPI extern E_Module_Api e_modapi;
EAPI void *e_modapi_init(E_Module *m);
EAPI int e_modapi_shutdown(E_Module *m);
EAPI int e_modapi_save(E_Module *m);
EAPI int e_modapi_about(E_Module *m);
void _config_mail_module(Config_Item *ci);
void _mail_config_updated(const char *id);
void _mail_box_config_updated(E_Config_Dialog *cfd);
void _mail_box_deleted(const char *ci_name, const char *box_name);
void _mail_box_added(const char *ci_name, const char *box_name);
void _mail_set_text(void *data);
void _mail_start_exe(void *data);
extern Config *mail_config;