mail: show correct mail-count for Maildir

The Maildir-Option in the Mail-Module doesn´t work properly. The
Mail-Count is only displayed when the Maildir gets updated. My guess
would be that the Mail-Module waits for a specific event on the Maildir
before the filewatcher gets active and starts to count the files.

Patch by: 3reb0s

SVN revision: 80445
This commit is contained in:
3reb0s 2012-12-07 13:14:19 +00:00
parent 79650b5979
commit dc8c583ea4
1 changed files with 3 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -21,10 +21,11 @@ _mail_mdir_add_mailbox (void *data, void *data2)
mc = E_NEW (MdirClient, 1);
mc->config = cb;
mc->data = data;
mc->config->num_new = 0;
mc->config->num_total = 0;
mc->config->num_new = _mail_mdir_get_files (mc->config->new_path);
mc->config->num_total = _mail_mdir_get_files (mc->config->cur_path);
mc->monitor =
ecore_file_monitor_add (cb->new_path, _mail_mdir_check_mail, mc);
_mail_set_text (mc->data);
mdirs = eina_list_append (mdirs, mc);