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Christopher Michael 6684bfeea3 Free some chars on free_data.
Password field hack from desklock config until e_widget_entry supports
password type.

SVN revision: 23327
2006-06-09 10:00:36 +00:00
Christopher Michael 48d14d39f2 Many fixes:
-Fix config dialog to allow changing current path for maildir.
     -When add/del accounts, setup those accounts to get new mail.
     -Mailbox list in menu now reflects accounts that have been add/del.

SVN revision: 23317
2006-06-08 22:32:35 +00:00
Christopher Michael 1ea125de22 Too many conflicts during merge. Will readd the updated files.
SVN revision: 23309
2006-06-08 20:18:57 +00:00