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Michael Jennings 4c8926f501 Update specs from central template to:
- Remove dependency on esmart
 - Add support for standard release tag macro.

SVN revision: 62148
2011-08-05 19:28:03 +00:00
Michael Jennings 6485788d70 Sat May 27 18:41:24 2006 Michael Jennings (mej)
The emu module kinda threw everything for a loop by having a separate
binary, so I had to add some spec-fu to make an exception for it.

SVN revision: 22943
2006-05-27 23:40:43 +00:00
Michael Jennings 95febf61e2 Fri May 26 23:58:45 2006 Michael Jennings (mej)
Add dependency on edje-bin to pull in edje_cc.

Do not allow a broken module to prevent from executing on
all modules.

SVN revision: 22921
2006-05-27 04:57:20 +00:00