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Release 0.20.0:
* Full Wayland support
- See README.wayland
* New screen management infrastructure and dialog
* New audio mixer infrastructure and gadget
* Many internal widgets replaced with Elementary
- Improved Elementary support
* Improved FreeBSD support
* Geolocation module
Amitesh Singh (3):
md5: fix wrong sizeof argument (SIZEOF_MISMATCH)
pulseaudio: pass big data as pass by reference
e_flowlayout: typecast return value to int
Bertrand Jacquin (1):
MEDIUM: modules/shot: switch to https://
Boram Park (6):
fix tty problem when enlightenment(drm-backend) is killed by SIGSEGV
e_comp_wl: fix segfault in case parent's surface is destroyed before subsurface is destroyed
e_comp_wl: fix not sending a mouse enter event to client.
Creating wl_shm global object before creating other global objects
wl_desktop_shell: return void
should remove a frame resource from pending.frames list also
Boris Faure (3):
synchronize mailmap
notification: don't segv if no zone found to place the popup
update mailmap
Brian 'morlenxus' Miculcy (2):
mixer: Optionally select an external mixer application.
enlightenment/conf: fix missing icons in settings panel
Bryce Harrington (14):
Code cleanup and check for OOM condition with wl_array_add
cosmetic: Whitespace cleanup of wayland client files
wayland: Refactor out common mouse handling code
wayland: Whitespace cleanup
wayland: Fix missing check on E_NEW return
wayland: Eliminate extraneous E_COMP_WL_PIXMAP_CHECK macro
wayland: Document the public API
wayland: Refactor output initialization code
wayland: Make sure we're initializing output scale sensibly
wayland: Check for potential OOM from wl_array_add()
wayland: Handle failure to init a display screen
uuid: Check error on ftruncate call
wayland: whitespace cleanup
wayland: Free temporary string on error exit
Carsten Haitzler (114):
mixer: Optionally select an external mixer application.
e backlight - limit min to 0.05 to avoid totally off backlight
fix README to be more up to date
e_start - add ~/Applications/.bin to use for app bin searches
update po's
e_auth - null out compilert memset opts like lokker
windows - allow close button to work again in internal wins
Revert "windows - allow close button to work again in internal wins"
e - tiling module - silence warning (real possibility of an issue)
e - warning fix - fix SVID_SOURCE complaint warning
e - randr - stop saving config using XID - this is utterly WRONG
e randr - fix warning (signed vs unsigned cmp)
e randr - make it work on nvidia - lots of "wrong" things fixed
e randr - restore edp checks
Revert "randr: Don't track active outputs"
Revert "Randr: Fix null dereference." This reverts commit 4aef218d28ed66e80d882f052c704d92d11c3c81.
e - randr include - move to master includes (only if building for x)
Revert "all dialogs are now resizable"
e zone - add stow/unstow apis
e - force a config flush before sys actions that could kill e
revert all the ui breakes in e - going the wrong direction in the first place anyway. shoudl replace the entire dialgo one at a time by an elm version not try and stuff elm widgets into where e widgets used to be. this doesnt improve e's config dialogs, just makes them buggy as all hell in the name of a move to elm.
e dialogs - this one too
shot module - dont allow another instance and keep the current one
e - gadcon popup - handle delection of content object properly
clock - fix popup content.. use elm widgets now.
comp base - make base black. makes for better screenshots of blank areas
e - fix e widgets to use evas size hints - this unifies sizing elm vs e
e - rewrite randr code entirely. core and dialog. dialog is basic atm
e randr config - fid selecting of screen to populate correctly
update po
e - randr2 - handle lid close/open as screen unplug/plug
xinerama note for multiscreen handling
maximization bug affecting libreoffice and others - fix
adapt to new win center trap in 1.13 efl
e - client list update after adding to client list - fix netwm bug
e - fix build when wayland not enabled
elm accel pref config - fix to use correct api to set accel pref
e - randr - laptop lids - handle plug/unplug and well as lid open/close
e - fix build. build break!
shut up shadow warnings
e - remove earns from randr2
e - randr - handle missing relative display and use priority for zone
actions - add smart suspend + hibernate actions for laptop usage
randr2 - handle missing clone src and walk back config only structs
e - actions - smart suspend/hibernate - also dont do when on mains power
efm - make dir listing far faster - no file magic content and dont sync
e - menus - fix autoscroll on zones not at 0 y...
e - menus - fix submenu popup direction when zones are not at 0 y
e clients - make sure we handle client with a NULL zone
e - lost windows menu is back. no windows menu does not handle it.
add options to randr2 to ignore acpi and hotplug randr events.
shot - only access e client if not null
e - xsettings - calloc buffer since we leave 3 of 4 bytes unset
e client - desk wait - ref it properly and clean up delfn
e - e_client - fix added printf
e screenlock config diloag - note insecureness for personal pw/pin
e auto-placement - don't include shelves from other screens
e_shelf - check visiblity with zone and desk FIRST not later
e_place - dont need extrra zone check here anymore
e - randr2 - filter to the "best" common mode match on clone config
e randr2 - add some logic for knowing when to ask to configure a screen
e - fix profiles to have correct adjust value for bl adjust in bindings
e start - path manipulation - don't add a : if there already is one
enlightenment deskenv support - fix dialog labelling and desktop name
e desklock - listen to randr screen changes and re-do locks
fix leak in randr2 when matching clone modes
e mixer - replace with epulse/emixer
update po files
Revert "fix mixer gcc class name"
e - mixer - don't do anything on desklock if no mixer context exists
e - shelf menu - handle deletion properly if cb is not for shelf menu
Revert "Revert "fix mixer gcc class name""
mixer - dont make list scrollable horizontally for nicer look
e mixer - fix segv on desklock if default sink not set yet
e - mixer - clean up popup a bit with mute next to slider etc.
e menu - an extra object ref causes menus to never be freed
e - mixer - allow to 150% volume with some "stickynedd" from 100 to 120
e comp - fix refcounting for e_comp and comp clients
e - fix crash in desktop lookup+fixup where exe_inst is null
e - bring back fullscreen crash bug while fixing refcount correctness
e - e client, comp win etc. reffing fix ... part 2
e passive window grabs - fix side-effect leave/enter events on clients
e -> menu -> fix games menu to be flat like others and include steam
e desktop file properties - fix icon sel tab to expand icon and icon name
e randr2 - auto clone and use common res when doing so - make it work
e - unbreak client pixmaps when native surf is used
e - randr allow you to turn off screens and keep them off if config says so
e - randr - handle lid close screen turnoff correctly again
e shelf - small missing set of signals - tell theme when inset scrolls
deskmirror - fix dangling reference to mirror by refcounting it
e - systray - add more sizes to icon hunt to fix missing icons
Revert "Revert "deskmirror - fix dangling reference to mirror by refcounting it""
e pagers - fix full desktop ddnd (eg middle mouse) to finish the drag
e - mixer - fix leak when seting volume
e mixer - discovered bug as a lack of feature - does not remember volume
e mixer - fix up saving to save everything
e mixer - save state when we get change events too
e mixer - shut up coverity CID 1323098
e comp - set rects to null to silence compiler warning
e winlist focus alt-tabbing - fix focus list changes while tabbing
e - fm - flush all evas caches to get rid of open file handles b4 umount
e config - cache sizes in config don't actually work, so remove
Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "deskmirror - fix dangling reference to mirror by refcounting it""""
efm - handle cancel of async eio if icon is freed and eio still active
e - efm fix. fix eio error handler that is called after eio cancel
e comp - default config was rather broken - fix
e comp data - actually ... NO visibility effect by default is right
e mixer - be more robust if pulse exits/crashes and def sink is null
e - comps sync - ec client was null - i think, so protect against crash
e - ibar - fix clash when 2 icons of the same path get added somehow
e exec tracker - fix tracking to update desktop files on efreet change
ibar - fix shutdown if ibar client menu is up
e deskmirror - fix loss of mirror object from deskmirror
e screens/zones/randr - store randr2 id in xinerama and zones for lookup
Cedric BAIL (3):
lokker: empty string should not be translated.
battery: let's finally allow the battery process to rest also when enlightenment die.
temperature: let's finally allow the temp process to rest also when enlightenment die.
Chidambar Zinnoury (4):
Bugfix: e backlight: use saner default values.
Bugfix: e dialog: don’t crash when using the escape key to close.
e menus: Fix invalid comparisons.
e fm: Use correct string length when copying path.
Christopher Michael (355):
bugfix: Fix e_msgbus file having missing initializers for Eldbus Messages & Signals
bugfix: Fix e_notification file having missing initializers for Eldbus Messages & Signals
bugfix: Cleanup appmenu module having missing field initializers for Eldbus Messages & Signals
bugfix: Cleanup bluex module having missing initializers for services & icons
bugfix: Cleanup fileman module from having missing initializers for Eldbus Messages & Signals
bugfix: Cleanup msgbus module from having missing field initializers for Eldbus Messages & Signals
bugfix: Cleanup systray module having missing initializers for Eldbus Message & Signals
Cleanup teamwork module from having missing initializerss for Eldbus Messages & Signals
wl-desktop-shell: Bump xdg protocol version
e-comp-wl: Remove dead structure members
e-comp-wl: Update compositor for new xdg shell protocol
wl-desktop-shell: Update desktop shell module for new xdg shell protocol
wl-desktop-shell: Update module code for new xdg shell protocol
fix unused function paramters warning when building for wayland only
only call ecore-x functions here if we are Not build for wayland-only
clean compiler warnings when building for wayland-only
remove ifdef's for compiling out e_dnd support in wayland-only mode
fix compiler warnings when building for wayland-only
don't clear 'changed' variable unless we are going to use it. (fixes compiler warning when building for wayland-only)
fix compiler warnings when building for wayland-only
fix compiler warnings when building for wayland-only
declare drag finished callback event if building for wayland-only
Revert "don't clear 'changed' variable unless we are going to use it. (fixes"
don't define x selection notify handler if we are building for wayland-only
cleanup compiler warnings when building for wayland-only
Don't resend a configure event after resize is done. This is part of a xdg_shell maximize fix
send xdg surface configure message when we maximize/unmaximize.
fix improper define which was causing uuid header to not be included in certain cases.
fix resizing wayland clients by sending configure message if client is Not maximized.
update wl_seat interface version so that gtk apps function...for Daniel ;)
don't crash when closing internal dialog boxes
e-comp-wl: Send the resource as data to the surface_create signal
e-comp-wl: Support wl_display_add_socket_auto function
e-comp-wl: Reduce calls to wayland protocol functions. These are not needed here and just waste extra cycles.
e-comp-wl: Enable sending of the surface_create signal from the compositor and provide an API function to retrieve that signal (used in a pending commit)
bump required wayland-server version to 1.6.0 for wayland-only
wl_desktop_shell: Fix formatting
wl-desktop-shell: Don't call e_client_ping here.
remove old wayland compositor file
remove useless return
add start of new compositor
set comp_gl if we have the correct engines available
add functions to create new compositor
add code to setup wayland logging function
add code to create new wayland display
add code to create wayland display socket
add code to setup wayland compositor signals
add code to create and bind the wayland compositor
rename compositor delete callback
add function call to initialize shm
add code to integrate wayland event loop with ecore_main loop
add code to load desktop shell module
add code to initialize data manager
add code to initialze input
add code to setup input & keyboard if we are using an X compositor
set compositor wayland data
add code to initialize Ecore_Wayland
add call to shutdown Ecore_Wayland
Fix missing variable compiler warning
Fix printing of wayland log output
start on actual compositor interface code
rename surface signal get function
remove debug noise in comp_wl_data
add start of surface implementation code
add call to delete fd handler when we close the compositor
unset pixmap resource when surface resource is destroyed
Fix compile errors. Implement start of buffer code
Implement code for surfaced attach
Add code to create the clients window hash
add code to hook the client new event
add hooks for client delete
add internal function prototype for surface commit
Start on surface commit code and improve some debugging messages
change damages to be a list
add code to handle regions (creating, destroying, setting)
Add code to handle setting surface damages
add code to handle setting surface opaque region
add code to handle setting surface input region
add code to handle pending damages during surface commit
add code to handle pending opaque regions during surface commit
add code to handle pending input regions during surface commit
update resource data comment
add some comments about fetching resource data
cleanup any remaning damage rectangles when we delete the client
cleanup any pending opaque regions when we delete the client
cleanup any pending input regions when we delete the client
update todo
fix typo
add listener for comp_object_add event so we can setup evas callbacks for a client.
fetch pixmap id in opaque & input region set functions
add hoook for evas show callback and show any video childs
add hook for evas callback hide so we can hide any video children
add callback for mouse in on the client. Fix improper tiler_clear in surface_commit function. Add fast-path in surface commit to skip processing regions & damage if the client is not visible.
remove some debug messages
add evas callback for mouse out on a surface
add evas callback for mouse move on a surface
add evas callback function for mouse down event
add evas callbacks for mouse up event
add evas callbacks for mouse wheel event
add evas callback for key down event
add evas callback for key up events
add evas callback for delete_request and fix printf warnings for uint64_t
add evas callback for kill request
add evas callback for ping event
add evas callback for color_set
add evas callback for client resize
add callbacks for client focus/unfocus
add checks in client focus/unfocus to test for wayland client
remove debug messages for mouse in/out
fix formatting
e-comp-wl: Comment out EGL include
e-comp-wl: Que a buffer release after we have committed the pending buffer
e-comp-wl: Remove resize.width & height from structure
remove call to release compositor buffer reference in e_pixmap. This is handled differently now.
wl_desktop_shell: Remove resize.width/height compositor data fields. Add some debugging print outs. Don't check client size compared to new size.
wl_desktop_shell: Remove silly debug message
e_comp_wl: Cleanup resizing of wayland clients. This hooks into various resize callbacks to set/unset the resize edges and to update the surface size.
e_comp_wl: Add hooks for focus in/out events so we can set wayland focus
e_comp_wl: Implement surface frame callback support
send wl_buffer release after we have drawn this pixmap
change comp_wl_data structure to store the wl_resource of the client buffer. No longer dealing with reference buffers.
e-comp-wl: Make new compositor functional.
Merge branch 'devs/devilhorns/e_comp_wl'
e_comp_wl: add support for priority raise/normalize during focus events
e_comp_wl: Remove unused variables
e-comp-wl: Cleanup wayland compositor header
e-comp-wl: Start to reimplement subcompositor and subsurface support
e-comp-wl: Destroy subsurface resource in destroy callback
e-comp-wl: Implement subsurface destroy callbacks
e-comp-wl: Implement subsurface position set function
e-comp-wl: Implement subsurface synchronized_set function
e-comp-wl: Implement subsurface desynchronized_set function
e-comp-wl: Implement subsurface place_above function
wl-desktop-shell: Always set on the client
e-comp-wl: Implement subsurface place_below function
e-comp-wl: Add internal function prototype for subsurface commit
e-comp-wl: Start on implementing subsurface commit functions
e-comp-wl: Fix various compile errors
update wayland readme
e-comp-wl: Implement subsurface commit_to_cache and commit_from_cache functions
e-comp-wl: Implement subsurface parent commit function
e-comp-wl: Remove unnecessary todo item
e-comp-wl: Implement callback for surface resource destroy
e-comp-wl: Set e_client properties on subsurface E_Client
e-comp-wl: Hook into post_new_client event so we can setup hints and export any shape changes
e-comp-wl: Clip shape rectangles to client size
e-comp-wl: Fix keyboard input with wayland clients when running in X11. Don't run client_post_new hook for deleted clients. Start work on client pre_frame hook.
Fix incorrect return value when creating native surface for wayland clients
e-comp: Return proper post value for wayland clients during client_update
Implement caching of pixmap resources for wayland clients. Move sending of frame completion to the image_draw function.
e-comp-wl: Implement client idler for sending configure during resize. Cleanup surface commit function to work with new pixmap caching code.
e-comp-wl: Don't try to set null data if we don't have a surface
e-start: Fix 'control reaches end of non-void function'
call e_powersave_init Before we call e_screensaver_init because the init of e_screensaver sets up an event handler for the powersave_update event (which would be 0 unless powersave is init first).
remove use of deprecated e_comp_get function
wl-desktop-shell: Remove use of deprecated e_comp_get function
fix issue where wayland modules were always creating a new compositor
comp_wl: Fix issue with multiple clients being created
wl-desktop-shell: Fix issue where internal elm windows were not borderless
comp-wl: Add missing function prototype
comp-wl: Remove unused variable
pager_plain: Fix Coverity CID1261290 reporting logically dead code, but in fact it looks like a copy/paste issue
Fix Coverity CID1261288. Idential code for different branches
Fix Coverity CID1261286. Identical code for different branches
comp-wl: Set argb and no_shape_cut for new clients. This fixes the black shadow issue
fix centering of elm wayland windows
update entry widget to not use deprecated elm scrollbar policy function
don't crash if the client comp_data has no surface yet
add workaround for ELM_DIALOG_WIN_BASIC not working in wayland. add #warning to remove when resolved.
wl_drm: Fix creation of the ecore_evas_gl_drm
add fixme note about desklock timeouts not working in wayland
wl_x11: When creating the ecore_evas for wl_x11, use ecore_evas_screen_geometry_get function and resize the ecore_evas accordingly.
Ignore checking size of client and just always send new size. This fixed basic-->advanced dialogs here
update README.wayland for Mike's everything module fixes
de-e_comp_get()ify e_actions
de-e_comp_get()ify e_desk
de-e_comp_get()ify e_deskmirror
de-e_comp_get()ify e_int_client_menu
de-e_comp_get()ify e_moveresize
Revert "only set wl client borderless state as necessary, don't overwrite existing states"
make enlightenment build again for wayland-only
remove unused inline function
de-e_comp_get()-ify lokker module
add function prototype for getting idle time
add function to return input idle time in wayland compositor
make desklock timeouts work in wayland-only. Fixes T1818
add EINA_UNUSED for unused function paramater
de-e_comp_get()-ify grab dialog
de-e_comp_get()-ify gadcon
de-e_comp_get()-ify e_gadcon_popup
de-e_comp_get()-ify e_pointer
de-e_comp_get()-ify e_scale
make e_scale get the dpi for wayland also
de-e_comp_get()-ify widget_bgpreview
de-e_comp_get()-ify e_zone
de-e_comp_get()-ify e_randr2
fix e_pointer using incorrect comp variable
start making e_grabinput work for wayland (nb: not finished yet)
fix copy/paste errors
pass the proper window to ecore_wl functions
cleanup keymap properly on shutdown(fixes E restart issue).
reset keyboard modifiers when client is deleted
Revert "reset keyboard modifiers when client is deleted"
de-e_comp_get()-ify e_utils
quiet compiler warnings when building for wayland-only
add a mod_changed field to compositor data so we can know when modifiers change
change keyboard input listeners to Not depend on a client but rather use ecore_event_handlers for key events.
cleanup xkb state modifiers and only update state_mask if necessary
only send key events to focused clients
call e_manager_new with the proper root window so that keybindings on the desktop work
enlightenment: Fix 'type' may be used uninitialized message
enlightenment: Don't crash if fwin app dialog has no exec_cmd
fix e_pixmap compile for non-wayland usecase
fix typo in wayland readme file
enlightenment: Fix building for wayland-only
update wayland README file to remove build confusion
fix compiler warning about pointer targets differ in signedness
fix some formatting ugliness
change output_bind function name
add E_Comp_Wl_Output structure and function prototype to create outputs
Fix T2131 (crash when creating wl_outputs)
create wl_outputs when in wayland-only mode
don't remove E_Comp_Wl_Output on unbind as this Could lead to nasty crashes if a second client tries to bind wl_output
append E_Comp_Wl_Output to compositor's output list during output_init call
remove unused variable
add a surface_state structure to E_Comp_Wl_Client_Data
adjust wayland compositor scale when we adjust e_scale
Implement buffer_reference to fix client resizing issue
fix compile issue due to output change and fixup subsurface creation to match new "state" paradigm
remove missed use of E_COMP_WL_PIXMAP_CHECK macro
set output->scale to e_scale, and when we wl_output_send_scale actually send output->scale
when we get a request to close client app, defer resource deletion until After close animation has been run
don't install SIGBUS handler if we are running wayland-only
enlightenment: Bump required Wayland version to 1.7.0
enlightenment: Implement support for wl_data_device_interface "release" event
add debugging when output gets bound, and fix formatting
wl-drm: Add more debugging during output hotplug events
fix debug message for wl_output_bind
wl-drm: Remove need for extra E_Comp variable
wl-drm: Remove output event handler when we shutdown
wl-drm: Hook into ecore_evas_resize callback to update comp canvas
wl-drm: If we end up using software_drm, then override elm preferences (ala X compositor)
e_comp: Only need 'type' variable if we are building with HAVE_WAYLAND
e-comp-wl: Remove unused variable
wl-drm: Use ecore_evas_new with an engine name rather than direct ecore_evas_drm_new calls
e-comp-wl: Don't crash if we fail to create a new e_client
wl-drm: Set initial compositor pointer values base on ecore_evas_pointer_position
Revert "wl-drm: Set initial compositor pointer values base on ecore_evas_pointer_position"
wl-drm: We need to set the compositor pointer values After wl_comp_data has been created else we crash
e-comp-wl: Init randr if we are not wayland only
Fix T2385 : internal windows not showing resize cursor
enlightenment: Make E build again with EFL from git
make e_acpi_lid_is_closed function callable from wl_drm module
wl-drm: Start on making the RandR config dialog usable in drm
send screen paramaters in proper order to e_comp_wl_output_init
fix numerous compile errors from D2482
remove unused 'serial' variable in mulit-move callback
wl-desktop-shell: Quiet debug output
conf_randr: Reduce debug output noise
drm randr: More work on getting RandR functional in E-Wl. This adds a function to remove an output from e_comp_wl also.
wl-drm: Don't enable/disable an output until after we have set the current mode
add missing EINA_UNUSED for function paramater
Fix call to e_comp_wl_input_keymap_set
add missing EINA_UNUSED for function paramater
remove unused variable
ELM_WIN_DIALOG_BASIC is broken in wl right now, so for wl create normal elm windows for now.
remove cpp warning
fix call to e_comp_wl_input_keymap_set for building with wayland-client support
allow starting enlightenment with the valgrind option again
Properly fix T2182 (add a --version option to enlightenment)
wl-desktop-shell: Fix T2357: Update xdg_shell for version 5
wl-desktop-shell: Fix popup menu placement for xdg surfaces
e-comp-wl: #if 0 out a currently unused function for pre_frame assignment.
Fix Coverity CID1298052
Fix Coverity CID1298053
wl-desktop-shell: Fix formatting
wl-desktop-shell: Remove useless return at end of function
wl-desktop-shell: Don't crash when trying to place popup menus in QT apps
add xwayland to
Add xwayland module to modules Makefile
Add xwayland Makefile
add xwayland module desktop file
add xwayland module edj file for icon
Add start of xwayand module code
xwayland: Fix to substitute the xwayland binary path
xwayland: Fix makefile to use xwayland binary path
xwayland: Create and bind to unix & abstract sockets
xwayland: Create the wl_client which represents the window manager process.
Whitelist the new xwayland module
xwayland: Fix launching of XWayland server and pass proper display to wl_client_create
xwayland: Add some debugging code while trying to work out failures with this
xwayland: Fix build breakage with recent e_comp_wl changes
xwayland: Check for sigusr1 in event handler
xwayland: Add code to cleanup xwayland on shutdown
xwayland: Add checks for xcb libraries needed for xwayland support
mixer: Fix resource leaks
e-comp-wl: Fix formatting
e-comp-wl: Don't crash from a missing keymap
e-comp-wl: Release keys on key_up regardless if client has focus
Don't call ecore_x_xkb_select_group if the compositor is not X11
e_grabinput: Don't call ecore_x functions if we are not an X compositor
correctly fix check for compositor in e_grabinput
correctly fix check for x11 compositor in e_xkb
xwayland: Use proper E_API for exporting module symbols
e-comp-wl-input: Format for 80 columns
e-comp-wl-input: destroy xkb keyboard state Before destroying the keymap
e-comp-wl: Update modifiers on key down/key up events
shot: Fix formatting for 80 columns
e-comp-wl: Add screenshooter protocol files
shot: Add screenshooter client protocol files
e-comp-wl: Add screenshooter files to build order
e-comp-wl: Add screenshooter structure to comp_wl_data and add additional fields we need in E_Comp_Wl_Output
e-comp-wl: Create compositor screenshooter global and add function to actually handle taking shots
wl-drm: Add function to readback pixels for compositor screenshots
shot: Update shot makefile to include client screenshot protocol files
shot: Update shot module to now be able to take Wayland screenshots
remove wl_screenshot from
remove old wl_screenshot module
shot: Update with proper compositor checking tests
shot: Disable window shots in wayland for now
shot: Enable feature of taking just window shots in wayland
e-comp-wl: Don't call keyboard_modifiers_update twice
e-comp-wl: Update keyboard key state regardless of client focus or not
e-comp-wl: Add support for wl_keyboard_send_repeat_info to allow for configurable keyboard repeat rates
e-comp-wl: Update keyboard and modifier state AFTER we send them to clients
e-comp-wl: don't send keyboard modifiers twice.
e-comp-wl: Fix getting end key during key down/up events
e-comp-wl: Fix T2570: stuck key when closing efm windows
e-comp-wl: Remove unused variable
e-comp-wl: Fix region_add and region_subtract functions to make sure we have accurate opaque regions
desklock: Fix T2589: Screen Lock crashes in E
enlightenment: Remove listener for XDnD status
enlightenment: Allocate space for terminating NULL
enlightenment: Remove static function prototype for unused function
wl_desktop_shell: Formatting
xwayland: Add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function parameters
enlightenment: Update README.wayland to reflect things that do not work yet
enlightenment: Remove legacy unused e_pixmap_image_draw_done function
enlightenment: Replace old comp_type conditionals
enlightenment: Replace old comp_type conditionals
enlightenment: Remove wl_screenshot module from whitelist
enlightenment: Remove commented out reference to wl_screenshot Makefile
enlightenment: Fix formatting of Wayland compositor code so it is easily readable in 80 columns
enlightenment: Update wayland readme
enlightenment: Add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function paramaters
enlightenment: Add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function parameters
enlightenment: Add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function paramaters
enlightenment: Add missing field initializers for Evas_Point
enlightenment: Add missing field initializers for Eina_Rectangle
enlightenment: Fix E_CONFIG_LIMIT to use the proper min & max values
enlightenment: Use 'fabs' to get absolute value of floating point types
enlightenment: #if 0 out an unused variable
enlightenment: Use 'fabs' to compute absolute value of floating point types
enlightenment: Make sure we have a zone before calling _bgpreview_viewport_update
Fix e_menu trying to swallow an object from a different canvas
Conrad Meyer (4):
Mixer Pulse: Fix trivial use-after-free.
backlight: Use basic ACPI sysctl knob on FreeBSD (kernel)
tempget: Add lm75(4) temperature source for non-x86 FreeBSD
e_auth: Add suid helper for lokker own-pw checking on FreeBSD
Daniel Hirt (1):
lokker: update caps-lock hint even on "checking" state
Daniel Kolesa (17):
remove obsolete E_Hal.h include
remove hal detection from build system
specialize some sysactions fields for freebsd
freebsd: use /usr/sbin/zzz for suspend
freebsd seems to require both -fPIE and -pie in cflags to compile
seems like enlightenment_sys will still fail linkage on freebsd; workaround
remove e_mod_xembed.c from
clean up E ptrace detection and usage
detab e_start_main.c; spank spank spank
e_start_main: refactor (reduce scope depth, separate ifdefs, cleanup)
remove unused variable
fix indentation
cpufreq: freebsd fixes
tempget: Add more temperature sources for FreeBSD
mailmap: update q66
remove str(n)dupa usages
Dave Andreoli (3):
Fix gadman config to be actually usable.
Update gtk bookmarks to work with new gtk3 path
Improve italian lang
Derek Foreman (31):
Conditionally ignore wayland cursor set events
Provide wl_output interface to clients
Provide wl_output events on hotplug
Fix wl_output tracking in wayland compositor
Don't crash when an error pop-up occurs before the compositor is set up.
clamp to parent height, not parent y co-ordinate.
Fix stuck modifiers on client exit
Don't update xkbstate when no app has focus
Break e_comp_wl_input_keyboard_modifiers_update into two functions
Send modifiers to wayland clients on focus in
Wayland: Don't consume serials when not sending events
Wayland: more checks to avoid consuming serials needlessly
Wayland frame callback times are in milliseconds
wayland-compositor: Clamp to 1, 1 on drag resize
wayland compositor: Remove focus_update from compositor client data
wayland compositor: Send keyboard enter events on get keyboard
wayland compositor: remove _e_comp_wl_client_focus()
Fix wayland compositor on 32 bit systems
wayland-compositor: Set server mode
wayland: Remove a lot of E_Comp_Data pointers
Resize the canvas at the end of canvas init
Init some vars to NULL in compositor create
wizard: Prevent crash
wizard: Prevent crash
screenshooting: Avoid void pointer arithmetic
wayland: Also link with
shot: Skip the wayland setup bits when running under X
wayland: fix key repeat
wayland: Only send keyboard modifiers to focused resources
wayland: Always add frame callbacks to current state on commit
wayland: force wl surface frame callbacks on commit for undamaged surfaces
Duna Oh (1):
fix crash when activating menu that is not in range
Flavio Ceolin (2):
modules:mixer:pulse Update default sink
modules:mixer: Avoid pa backend from crash
Florent Revest (7):
Adds eglfs to Enlightenment fixes wayland-only build
e_signals.c: Inclues Ecore_DRM only if WL_DRM is built and not only if WAYLAND is built
wl_eglfs: enable gl acceleration, mouse, touchscreen and keyboard
[HACK??] Fixes wayland-only build
Fixes build complaining about missing ABOUT-NLS
Don't load xwayland if it isn't compiled
Gustavo Lima Chaves (1):
Generate *all* music control files in src tree.
Jake Jaeseok Yoon (1):
src/modules/clock/ korean add
Jean Guyomarc'h (4):
modules/battery: fix compiling on OS X
modules/bluez4: fix duplicated symbol
e_backlight_main: fix compiling when not having Eeze
e_ipc: fix creation of IPC server when $DISPLAY is a path
Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ (6):
Fix include order of EGL & Evas GL
Add ecore-wayland flags to the general cflags
Revert "Add ecore-wayland flags to the general cflags"
Really fix the compilation with wayland
PackageKit: Fix crash on error
PackageKit: Fix a crash properly
Jee-Yong Um (1):
e_actions: Fix to parse syntax correctly in key binding settings
Kai Huuhko (1):
L10N: Update Finnish translations
Leif Middelschulte (2):
Implement FreeDesktop .deskop Additional Actions menu
ibar: Fix "additional action"s and seperator placement.
Luis de Bethencourt (2):
backlight: visual feedback when adjusting value through keybindings
backlight: remove code duplication
Manuel Bachmann (1):
build: allow building in pure Wayland mode (no xcb, no ecore-x)
Marcel Hollerbach (27):
tiling: Implemented tiling window position manipulation
tiling: Fix issue with window-moving and windows not breaking out.
Fix wrong deskshow function
wizard: Fix the resolving of the FIXME comment
wizard: use eina_list_free to free the list
Tiling: Fixed break out method
e_order: Added a function to check if this Efreet entry allready exists
ibar: Changed the key which is used to store IBar Icons.
everything: terminate bc instead of quit
Register the new window into out evas.
e_win: Fix Dialog Titles
config: Fix segfault
po files: remove remove e_randr
enlightenment_remote: Added a Note that not all features are available
Ibar: Emit the given origin to the Ibar Icon.
mixer: this if does not make much sense
mixer: get volume after setting channels
mixer: update internal volume and call the changed event
mixer: only list playbackdevices if they are _real_ playbackdevices
mixer: Fix segfault when backend does not have any sink
Merge branch 'devs/bu5hm4n/mixer'
deskmirror: check if ec is not null before accessing it
mixer: install app to bin directory
mixer: install icon and .desktop file
mixer: start app from bin directory
Fix make distcheck
systray: search for the best available resolution of a icon
Massimo Maiurana (12):
Updating italian translation
Updating italian translation
Updating italian translation
Updating serbian translation
Updating italian translation
Updating spanish translation
Update catalan translation
Make some randr messages translatable
Updating italian translation
Updating italian translation
Updating italian translation
Updating catalan translation
Mike Blumenkrantz (1041):
unset release mode
bump version
Revert "mixer: Optionally select an external mixer application."
don't add nocomp damages for input-only windows
check protocol visibility for nocomp breaks, not comp object visibility
manually break out of nocomp
end nocomp on nocomp end...always
force render queue on unmaximize if client was fullscreen
add borderless theme for deskmirror clients to support various animations
comp render queue on every client resize instead of on unmaximize
force comp render queue more aggressively to detect changes in nocomp
client hooks should not continue to be called if the client has been deleted
thaw evas on winlist activation with no clients available
fix teamwork popup positioning for non-dbus popups
fix internal window border changing
fix signal emission on selected ilist item icons
add alignment client menu
remove dead conf_display file
remove E_Win+e_canvas, convert all internal wins to use elm_win
add macro wrapper to force elm win accel disabling on internal windows
rename elm win trap functions for easier namespace debugging
minor tweaks to prevent harmless invalid reads during restarts with windows open
fix fileman crash when restarting with window open
remove ec->changes.internal_props
bump required efl version for new elm features
resolve recent coverity complaints
fix internal window closing with frame button
remove unnecessary unfocused signal emit on clients
don't call elm_shutdown() for now
only change internal win visibility on comp obj show if win not already visible
only show comp obj during internal win show if win not already visible
set skip pager/taskbar hints on parent window instead of client window
remove xembeds from systray module
force shape queue on notification delete
ensure string safety on dbus message in connman agent
apply pointer warp effects immediately when instant warping
fix efm dnd crash
print more descriptive error messages when scanner connection fails, also don't exit() here
don't exit e_fm when eeze init fails, send RASTER mode instead
store eeze_scanner connection poller to avoid creating an infinite number
only attempt to start eeze_scanner a couple times before giving up
attempt to run eeze_scanner on failure to connect, not successful connect
ensure clients are visible before triggering shape/render queue
fix X crash when trying to apply desktop window profile to client without desk
add failure count for client rendering, drop clients after FAILURE_MAX tries
redo shaped client checks to use shape flags instead of rect pointer, fix shapeless clients
reduce shape recalc for clients which cannot currently receive input
remove access module from build
greatly reduce FAILURE_MAX
remembering size on a window should also remember maximize state
apply client size based on correct remember value, only apply if value != 0
store hide_logo state for desklock backgrounds
only use elm win title for internal windows if it has been set
add back notification merging
use frame geometry in win resize trap to get accurate sizes
don't show mixer popup during nocomp
comp pending resizes should not require both w+h to change
e_box -> elm_box conversion
don't recalc winlist on client add event if client is not added to winlist
set elm log level to CRI
add compile warning note for elm hack
remove e_box from
don't set gravity on client windows during X move/resize
completely block border changes on MWM borderless windows
add support for new netwm csd X atoms
enforce no multihead in X compositor
remove e_comp_list(), deprecate all related functions for pending removal
disable client stack debugging
remove some e_comp_get() usage in core comp/client files
unused param--
add E_VERSION_MAJOR define for external module usage
check focus after X nocomp end
don't change shade.x/y during unshade or after shade
unwrap INLINE_IMAGE window creation
set comp X window hint to normal
use elm_win_fake() to create a fake elm_win for widget parenting/focus
simplify comp usage in e_fm
e_entry -> elm_entry conversion
fix build from tarball when configured mount backend is different from origin
de-e_comp_get()-ify e_shelf
e_table -> elm_table conversion
set evas size hint min in widget min size
Revert "fix centering of elm wayland windows"
redo fileman tooltips to size correctly
autoupdate widget min sizes
de-e_comp_get()ify e_fwin
remove unused vars
force internal window recentering after resize when no move/resize is active
e_label -> elm_label conversion
remove unnecessary size hinting
don't override entry min sizing in filepreview
make comp cfd unresizable
e frame -> elm_frame conversion
e_widget_textblock -> elm_entry conversion
remove no-longer-necessary size hinting in list widgets
update widget size hints when setting a resize object
ignore size hint changes for fileman popups if popup icon has been moused out
e_widget_button -> elm_button conversion
de-e_comp_get()ify e_menu
convert e_conf to use elm_layout for min sizing updates
Revert "revert all the ui breakes in e - going the wrong direction in the"
Revert "e dialogs - this one too"
don't update widget size hints on resize add if hints already exist
remove widget subobj delete callback on widget delete
only set internal win name/class if not already set
randr widget needs to set min size hint on calc
convert shot dialog to elm_layout
e_dialog -> elm_layout for bg_object
enforce min width for filepreview attr entries
remove unnecessary filepreview size hinting
use elm functions on new clock elm objects
improve gadcon popup sizing/positioning
fix edje usage in frametable
use changed,user entry scb for widget change to prevent infinite looping
give csel entries 3 columns to force visibility
convert e_dialog text object to elm_layout
fix edje usage in e_dialog
don't set deskmirror scale for non-mb objects
reenable elm log domain
fix elm box parenting
set client frame geometry for new internal wins based on ee geometry
remove e_comp_get() use in grabinput
de-e_comp_get()ify e_dnd
fix evry build on wayland-only
typo from last evry commit
de-e_comp_get()ify evry
move grabinput focus fix timer to be X-only
move more grabinput code to not fail in wl
fix comp cfdlg sizing and centering
never uncenter a centered internal window
remove no longer necessary setting of changes.size on client resize
set wl client geometry before showing in desktop shell
simplify wl xdg/shell configure functions
de-e_comp_get()ify e_win
force server borders on internal wl wins again
continue to hide window input regions on desk flip if they are shaded
only set wl client borderless state as necessary, don't overwrite existing states
simplify/fix wl client borderless setting
preserve internal window borderless state when set prior to showing window
Revert "simplify/fix wl client borderless setting"
defer client frame resizes if client is not protocol-visible
allow client pixmap size to be used in place of actual client geom for tiler creation
clarify wl shell errors when failing to create clients
move wl pixmap creation into shell, fix pixmap id usage
Revert "move wl pixmap creation into shell, fix pixmap id usage"
move wl pixmap creation back to comp
use new pixmap id for internal wl wins
Revert "Include /usr/local too in the no-duplication of XDG_DATA_DIRS"
Revert "Do not add /usr/share twice for XDG_DATA_DIRS"
ensure no duplicate XDG paths are prepended during startup
don't crash in stupid e_module dialog hack
change module version name to force module rebuild
delete all clients in wl delete request cb
don't hide client before delete in win del trap
clean up comp object to not use deprecated comp functions
don't create wl clients as re_manage
make comp param in e_client_new unused
ref/free client pixmaps during hide animations
hide wl clients on surface delete
make wl clients use post render canvas cb to clear buffers
Revert "ref/free client pixmaps during hide animations"
remove unnecessary comp work in wl pixmap functionality
set wl popups as overrides
clamp wl popup coords to parent when possible
remove unnecessary EC_CHANGED from wl shell creation
move wl pixmap stuff to use pixmap functions in compositor instead of in pixmap
clear wl pixmap cache on client free instead of leaking
remove pixmap resource delete cb
add wl util function for calculating pixmap id
use pixmap size for resizes in wl commit
configure/show/hide surfaces which lack shells automatically
implement wl client cursor clients
add pointer util function for changing cursor object without deleting it
replace all occurrences of cursor setting with calls to pointer util function
use unixtime instead of loop time for wl frame callback done
force wl client cursor clients to hide when unset from pointer
correctly set/update wl opaque regions
add pixmap image border functions
don't set client shape rects based on wl opaque regions
fix wl input region setting
handle image borders during client rendering
set pixmap image borders for wayland clients
remove wl opaque tilers, just set border in opaque callback
unset new_client flag for wayland clients
set client image borders even when 0
don't add rect for entire screen on wl region create
redo pixmap image border to take xywh instead of lrtb
apply client focus glow based on opaque region
set take_focus more appropriately for wl clients
unset wl client cursor when no surface resource is passed
setup evas callbacks for wl clients during commit
send wl keyboard enter during commit
set wl client keyboard focus on evas focus and commit
remove nonsensical wl client finding code
use accurate xy coords for wl surface configures
reenable new_client for wl clients, but force moveresize actions to succeed
move map before configure for wl clients during commit
use pixmap size for wl subsurface commit configure
reapply accurate ec->placed value for wl clients during surface commit configure
don't set geometry during wl client surface mapping
don't use garbage values for new_client wl surface configures
don't add wl evas callbacks multiple times
unset wl client placed value on first commit to force placement
remove unused E_Client->input_object
add E_Client-> for determining mouse-in status
don't clear wl surface input tiler during commit
manage client pointer client hidden states when changing pointer cursor objects
fix dbus unit installation with DESTDIR
update wl readme
add note about logind to wl readme
remove unused var
prevent client cursor clients from receiving focus
remove some futile attempts at variable setting in wl client new hook
set wl popups to appropriate layer in shell module
remove unneeded client attr setting in wl shell
allow focus on normal wl clients again
add YOLO define to throw a compile warning for Extremely Dangerous Functions
add first YOLO: e_client_focus_stack_set()
remove wl override clients from focus stack
only reject client mouse out for X clients
add ctrl+alt+backspace to kill wl-only e
Revert "fix dbus unit installation with DESTDIR"
revert some comp object debugging bits that snuck into another commit
use elm scroller for xkb options
don't revert X focus during nocomp
block linear desk flips that would wrap if desk flip wrapping is disabled
use direct path for setting icons in util theme set function when icon is a path
don't send unfocused signal to override clients
escape notification popup text...always
fix crashing when changing desklock settings and using pin/personal auth
clamp client size to screen when client limit policy does not allow offscreen
rename extremely frustratingly-named E_Screen_Limits enum and members
do not reapply focus on canvas object ungrab/close for pointer-focus enthusiasts
remove unnecessary icon setting and fix sizing in edgebindings
fix dialog sizing when icon setting fails
set default text for edgebindings caption when no bindings exist
fix appindicator icon loading when using IconThemePath key
don't clamp bgpreview vsize if bgpreview is a fullscreen overlay
fix border frame color classes to be configured as solids, not text
pre-escape all notification body texts before display or merge
reject ignored clients from client mouse event functions
unify wl comp mouse button callback checks
don't send wl mouse button events when client's menu is active
update wl xdg states on maximize/fullscreen events
disable fileman popups in wl-only mode
noop when setting pointer object if re-setting same object
remove wl client resize idler, send ec->w/h instead of ec->client.w/h on resize
send different values to wl clients for configure when performing a resize action
update+clamp wl surface client size to buffer size during commit
improve wl grab resize calcs
remove ec->awaiting_hide_event
grab wl shell surface geom and use for adjusting resize operations
reapply wl surface focus during commit when necessary
set ec->fullscreen before applying fullscreen geometry
never resize client clip object
re-setting same cursor object updates hotspot as expected
Revert "when we get a request to close client app, defer resource deletion"
hide comp object image on smart hide
force non-internal wl clients to hide when gl is not available
add E_Client->dead to mark clients that should immediately be removed from the compositor
trivial move comp object function
flag non-internal wl shm clients as dead and delete mirrors on hide
only hide comp object images for dead clients on smart hide
don't require client mirror object existence to hide dead comp object mirrors
disable wl clients in X
exit immediately if any unrecognized arg is passed on startup
use stderr messages when failing to init X compositor
remove unnecessary wl client pixmap checks
Revert "disable fileman popups in wl-only mode"
use current zone for shelf cfd setup
fix horizontal/vertical smart maximize
fix crash when using e_comp_object_util_center_pos_get() with non comp_objects
redo ibar icon label position signalling to emit left/center/right
fix invalid eina list usage when merging wl surface frame list
don't attempt to find wl shell E_Client when one cannot exist
don't reuse wl surface pixmaps without adding a ref
always create new client for wl shell surfaces
CRI on attempting to change a pixmap's client when pixmap already has client
don't modify pixmap hash when changing pixmap parent window
slight ibar dnd optimization when checking taskbar apps for drop site
fix ibar drop calc to not unexpectedly trigger epileptic seizures in users
don't identify all wl shell clients as crackhead
disable wl client hide animations even with gl
wl drm output module must set comp gl state more pedantically
Revert "e - fix build when wayland not enabled"
conditionally compile elm win trap wayland functionality
don't create new wl shell clients for internal windows
correctly apply wl shell client border states only for non-internal clients
don't crash when creating external shell surface clients
don't reset placement of internal wl clients on first commit
remove unused wl variables
send client sizes for wl configure events when fullscreening/maximizing
fix wl shell client borders for internal, borderful clients...again
de-e_comp_get()ify e
remove e_comp_get() function
e_util_comp_zone_number_get() -> e_comp_zone_number_get()
remove e_util_comp_zone_id_get() and e_util_comp_zone_number_get()
remove e_comp_util_evas_object_comp_get() usage
remove e_comp_util_evas_object_comp_get()
remove E_Comp_Object->comp member
remove E_Client->comp
E_CLIENT_*FOREACH() macros no longer take a E_Comp param
remove unnecessary E_Comp references in comp object callbacks
comp canvas functions no longer require an E_Comp param
remove E_Event_Compositor_Resize struct
remove E_Drag->comp and E_Comp param from e_drag_new()
remove e_comp_evas_find() usage
remove e_comp_evas_find()
remove e_util_comp_current_get() usage
remove e_util_comp_current_get()
e_comp functions no longer require E_Comp param
e_client functions no longer require E_Comp param
e_zone functions no longer require E_Comp param
use correct wayland ifdef for E_Client uuid generation
remove E_Zone->comp member
remove e_util_zone_current_get() usage
remove e_util_zone_current_get()
e_util_comp_desk_count_get() -> e_desks_count()
bump modapi version to 15
wl compile fixes
fix constant expression conditional
only throw frame object size CRI for X comp objects
set e_comp->elm as fullscreen for internal elm hinting
remove E_Comp from e_desktop*edit apis
e_desktop_border_edit -> e_desktop_client_edit
remove E_Comp from E_Client_Layout_Cb
remove E_Comp from object/about dialogs
remove E_Comp from color dialog
remove E_Comp from e_fm_prop_file()
remove E_Comp from e_resist apis
remove E_Comp from e_configure registry callbacks
remove most E_Comp usage from e_comp
remove most E_Comp usage from e_comp_x
remove E_Comp usage from e_comp_canvas
remove E_Comp usage from e_font
remove E_Comp usage from e_comp_wl
remove E_Comp usage from internal menus
remove E_Comp usage from wl desktop shell
remove E_Comp usage from tiling config
remove E_Comp usage from shot
remove E_Comp usage from notification popups
remove E_Comp usage from fileman/fwin
remove E_Comp usage from conf
remove E_Comp usage from conf_apps
remove E_Conf usage in conf theme
update contact module for api changes + remove E_Comp usage
remove contact module
remove illume modules
remove manager number from e_bg functions
completely remove E_Manager
remove manager/container id from bg/wallpaper things
remove E_Comp->x/y
remove shelf manager/container references in config
remove manager references in desk name/profile configs
remove shelf manager config vals from profiles
fix straggler container text in mousebindings config
remove E_Comp->num
remove E_Remember->prop.head
remove e_util_head_exec()
move E_Comp->root window setting into e_comp_wl_init() for wl compositors
move comp fake layer init into canvas init for non-X compositors
remove E_Comp from gadman and systray structs
mobile policy desk set hook needs to ignore new_client clients
decrement e_comp->new_clients counter when unsetting new_client flag on wl cursor clients
fix e_remote bg commands
remove useless wl comp code for shape exports
move wl E_Client creation to same place as E_Pixmap creation
make only critical notifications display in presentation mode
fix geolocation compile
geolocation module build: now with fewer generated files!
block ignored clients from lost client list
add colorclass editor to app menu
add explicit file deps for geolocation eldbus generated files
make application color editor follow client geometry on move/resize
fix wl randr error message string
move colorclass config to use elm infra, redo cc dialog to use new editor
remove e_color_class
prepend geolocation build dir to cppflags
only call e_comp_wl_shutdown() for wayland compositors
remove all debug output from mixer module
don't crash on wl shutdown
remove layer setting from deskmirror
always lower e_layout children upon packing
raise deskmirror windows on startup
match client dialogs to client's layer
set desktop editor appselector dialog to be resizable
set xkb dialog as changed after adding a new layout
fix entry sizing in file props dialog
force dialogs to recalc content sizes before setting min size
don't redo min size hints on e_dialog show
make entry widget call changed callbacks on "changed" again
redo color dialog to use elm colorselector
remove csel widget
remove cslider widget
add xkb options scroller as subobj to toolbook widget
make connman agent dialog resizable and autosized
toggle comp_hidden and grab input while client color editor is active
do not attempt to re-center fullscreen/maximized internal windows
fix desktop editor entry widget parenting
only set shot window layer if taking window shot
check correct number of params passed to internal/desk cfd
set E_Exec_Instance desktop during client idler if none present
allow client icon change events in ibar client prop handler
fix nocomp_override conditional which would inaccurately toggle nocomp
fix return value in backlight helper exe on non-freebsd systems
fix evry comparison macro to work as expected
fix pixmap image clearing based on pixmap type
fix evry app listing list leak
prune no_display desktops from evry apps plugin
fix unoptimized stringshare usage in keybindings cfd
remove support for wayland builds on 32bit
use client geometry for starting unmaximize calculations
fix clock popup widget parenting
swap key -> keyname when attempting to bind lparen/rparen keys
add function for clearing app menu cache
clear app menu cache any time a desktop is edited internally
attempt to decode notification image uris with efreet before showing them
fix submenu visibility during scroll
use client geom for comp object centering functions if ec->new_client is set
add wl client event callbacks at lower priority
wl client pixmaps now use a different method for creating the pixmap id
disable client color editor for non-X clients for now
add explicit includes for elm color class header in colorclass cfd
Revert "build: Remove generated eldbus files during normal clean and not only maintainer-clean"
pass surface resource when creating wl surface pixmaps
use pointer hash for wl pixmaps
unadjust frame coords when calculating wl surface placement during commit
update wl shell parent setting code to use clients instead of pixmaps
add e_acpi_lid_is_closed() for returning cached state of computer lid
move e_randr internal screen changing timer -> e_randr2_screen_refresh_queue()
move acpi lid status tracking from e_randr to e_acpi
_config_screen_find() -> e_randr2_config_screen_find()
move all x11-related randr code into e_comp_x_randr.c
create e_comp during e_comp_init, set comp_type automatically
always register E_EVENT_RANDR_CHANGE
fix ecore-x cflags/libs inclusion for e binary
fix wl-x11 configure detection/check
ensure valid strings are send when sending wl output geometry
move comp_x randr init to screen init function
break out comp_x gl/sw canvas creation into external function
create wl-x11 canvas using comp_x canvas creation method
add a small screen management interface to E_Comp, remove hardcoded x11 randr calls
always add e_randr2.c to e build
use randr for screen setup in wl-x11 output module
change comp type check at start of e_comp_wl_init()
init randr during wayland init...always
remove dead conf_randr files
enable conf_randr module unconditionally by default
fix module blocking for wl modules
resize comp canvas on e_comp_canvas_init()
move comp_x screen setup code into e_randr
move canvas init after wl init in output modules
use const lists for drm devices in signal handlers
add wl drm module phony make targets
add read-only randr iface for wl drm output module
check module name existence before reading from it
simplify comp_x screen setup
fix typo when setting event state in e_randr2_screen_refresh_queue()
fix tasks gadget parenting
fix internal win pixmap id int size in show trap
fix wl-drm install rule
remove rest of ecore-drm usage from wl-drm randr info grabbing
fix comp fake layer init for wl compositors
fix comp init failure case
don't set e_comp->root for wl compositors
ensure evry key events do not get erroneously rejected in grab mode