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2019-01-14 03:45:03 -08:00
* new gad usability: be able to move, resize etc. without alt
(needs old gadget move/resize mode enable/disable in the menu)
* new gad usability: initial gadget bar setup dnd needs to be normal dnd
* new gad usability: setup needs an obvious "add" button as dnd not obvious
* efm: use elm for window
* efm: use elm scroller for fm view
* efm: use elm for file popup
* efm: add disk space used bar for disk volume icons
* efm: add space used "du -sh" summery for all folders
* efm: add filesystem cache (all dirs cached in files and updated in bg)
* efm: thumbs for music gettign album art like rage
* efm: thumbs for videos with movie posters like rage
* efm: show symlink info in icon
2019-01-14 10:07:53 -08:00
* efm: fuse support (mtp, sshfs, cifs/smb etc.)
2019-01-14 03:45:03 -08:00
* music-control: fix aspect ratio of album cover image
* shot: add manual cropping ability
* shot: add simple free draw, box, line and text on top of shot before save
2019-01-14 10:07:53 -08:00
* bz5: add icon set for actions/states per bt device (pair.unpair, etc.)
* bz5: add obex agent support integrated with efm for sharing via bt
and downloads when received via obex bt (~/Downloads/...)
2019-01-14 03:45:03 -08:00