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# ifndef E_COMP_WL_DATA_H
# define E_COMP_WL_DATA_H
typedef struct _E_Comp_Wl_Data_Source E_Comp_Wl_Data_Source;
typedef struct _E_Comp_Wl_Data_Offer E_Comp_Wl_Data_Offer;
typedef struct _E_Comp_Wl_Clipboard_Source E_Comp_Wl_Clipboard_Source;
typedef struct _E_Comp_Wl_Clipboard_Offer E_Comp_Wl_Clipboard_Offer;
#define CLIPBOARD_CHUNK 1024
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Data_Source
struct wl_resource *resource; //resource of wl_data_source
Eina_List *mime_types; //mime_type list to offer from source
struct wl_signal destroy_signal; //signal to emit when wl_data_source resource is destroyed
void (*target) (E_Comp_Wl_Data_Source *source, uint32_t serial, const char* mime_type);
void (*send) (E_Comp_Wl_Data_Source *source, const char* mime_type, int32_t fd);
void (*cancelled) (E_Comp_Wl_Data_Source *source);
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Data_Offer
struct wl_resource *resource; //resource of wl_data_offer
E_Comp_Wl_Data_Source *source; //indicates source client data
struct wl_listener source_destroy_listener; //listener for destroy of source
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Clipboard_Source
E_Comp_Wl_Data_Source data_source;
Ecore_Fd_Handler *fd_handler;
uint32_t serial;
struct wl_array contents; //for extendable buffer
int ref;
int fd;
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Clipboard_Offer
E_Comp_Wl_Clipboard_Source *source;
Ecore_Fd_Handler *fd_handler;
size_t offset;
EINTERN void e_comp_wl_data_device_keyboard_focus_set(E_Comp_Wl_Data *cdata);
EINTERN Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_data_manager_init(E_Comp_Wl_Data *cdata);
EINTERN void e_comp_wl_data_manager_shutdown(E_Comp_Wl_Data *cdata);
# endif