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typedef struct _E_Comp_Wl_Aux_Hint E_Comp_Wl_Aux_Hint;
typedef struct _E_Comp_Wl_Buffer E_Comp_Wl_Buffer;
typedef struct _E_Comp_Wl_Subsurf_Data E_Comp_Wl_Subsurf_Data;
typedef struct _E_Comp_Wl_Surface_State E_Comp_Wl_Surface_State;
typedef struct _E_Comp_Wl_Client_Data E_Comp_Wl_Client_Data;
typedef struct _E_Comp_Wl_Output E_Comp_Wl_Output;
typedef struct _E_Comp_Wl_Pointer E_Comp_Wl_Pointer;
typedef struct E_Shell_Data E_Shell_Data;
typedef struct Tizen_Extensions Tizen_Extensions;
typedef void (*E_Comp_Wl_Grab_End_Cb)(E_Client*);
# ifndef E_COMP_WL_H
# define E_COMP_WL_H
/* NB: Turn off shadow warnings for Wayland includes */
# pragma GCC diagnostic push
# pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wshadow"
# include <wayland-server.h>
# pragma GCC diagnostic pop
# include <xkbcommon/xkbcommon.h>
# include "e_comp_x.h"
# endif
/* # ifdef HAVE_WAYLAND_EGL */
/* # include <EGL/egl.h> */
/* # define GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES */
/* # endif */
# ifdef __linux__
# include <linux/input.h>
# else
# define BTN_LEFT 0x110
# define BTN_RIGHT 0x111
# define BTN_MIDDLE 0x112
# define BTN_SIDE 0x113
# define BTN_EXTRA 0x114
# define BTN_FORWARD 0x115
# define BTN_BACK 0x116
# endif
# define container_of(ptr, type, member) \
({ \
const __typeof__( ((type *)0)->member ) *__mptr = (ptr); \
(type *)(void *)( (char *)__mptr - offsetof(type,member) ); \
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Aux_Hint
int id;
const char *hint;
const char *val;
int32_t fd;
Eina_Bool changed;
Eina_Bool deleted;
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Buffer
struct wl_resource *resource;
struct wl_signal destroy_signal;
struct wl_listener destroy_listener;
struct wl_listener deferred_destroy_listener;
struct wl_shm_buffer *shm_buffer;
struct wl_shm_pool *pool;
struct linux_dmabuf_buffer *dmabuf_buffer;
E_Pixmap *discarding_pixmap;
int32_t w, h;
uint32_t busy;
Eina_Bool destroyed;
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Surface_State
int sx, sy;
int bw, bh;
E_Comp_Wl_Buffer *buffer;
struct wl_listener buffer_destroy_listener;
Eina_List *damages, *frames;
Eina_Tiler *input, *opaque;
Eina_Bool new_attach E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool has_data E_BITFIELD;
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Subsurf_Data
struct wl_resource *resource;
E_Client *parent;
int x, y;
Eina_Bool set;
} position;
E_Comp_Wl_Surface_State cached;
Eina_Bool synchronized;
typedef struct E_Comp_Wl_Extension_Data
struct wl_global *global;
} session_recovery;
/* begin xdg-foreign */
struct wl_global *global;
Eina_Hash *surfaces;
} zxdg_exporter_v1;
struct wl_global *global;
} zxdg_importer_v1;
/* end xdg-foreign */
struct wl_global *global;
Eina_List *resources;
} zwp_relative_pointer_manager_v1;
struct wl_global *global;
Eina_Hash *constraints;
} zwp_pointer_constraints_v1;
struct wl_global *global;
} action_route;
struct wl_global *global;
} efl_aux_hints;
} E_Comp_Wl_Extension_Data;
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Data
Ecore_Wl2_Display *ewd;
struct wl_display *disp;
Ecore_Wl2_Display *client_disp;
E_Client *client_ec;
struct wl_registry *registry; // only used for nested wl compositors
/* struct wl_event_loop *loop; */
Eina_Inlist *globals; // only used for nested wl compositors
struct wl_shm *shm; // only used for nested wl compositors
Evas_GL *gl;
Evas_GL_Config *glcfg;
Evas_GL_Context *glctx;
Evas_GL_Surface *glsfc;
Evas_GL_API *glapi;
} wl;
struct wl_signal create;
struct wl_signal activate;
struct wl_signal kill;
} surface;
/* NB: At the moment, we don't need these */
/* struct wl_signal destroy; */
/* struct wl_signal activate; */
/* struct wl_signal transform; */
/* struct wl_signal kill; */
/* struct wl_signal idle; */
/* struct wl_signal wake; */
/* struct wl_signal session; */
/* struct */
/* { */
/* struct wl_signal created; */
/* struct wl_signal destroyed; */
/* struct wl_signal moved; */
/* } seat, output; */
} signals;
Eina_List *resources;
Eina_List *focused;
Eina_Bool enabled E_BITFIELD;
xkb_mod_mask_t mod_depressed, mod_latched, mod_locked;
xkb_layout_index_t mod_group;
xkb_layout_index_t choosen_group;
struct wl_array keys;
struct wl_resource *focus;
int mod_changed;
} kbd;
Eina_List *resources;
Evas_Coord x, y;
uint32_t button;
uint32_t serial[2]; //down/up
uint32_t button_mask;
E_Client *ec;
Eina_Bool enabled E_BITFIELD;
} ptr;
Eina_List *resources;
Eina_Bool enabled E_BITFIELD;
} touch;
struct wl_global *global;
Eina_List *resources;
uint32_t version;
char *name;
struct wl_global *global;
struct wl_resource *resource;
} im;
} seat;
struct wl_global *global;
struct wl_resource *resource;
Eina_Hash *data_resources;
} mgr;
void *data_source;
uint32_t serial;
struct wl_signal signal;
struct wl_listener data_source_listener;
E_Client *target;
} selection;
void *source;
struct wl_listener listener;
Ecore_Window xwl_owner;
} clipboard;
struct wl_resource *resource;
uint32_t edges;
} resize;
struct xkb_keymap *keymap;
struct xkb_context *context;
struct xkb_state *state;
char *map_string;
int map_size;
} xkb;
E_Comp_Wl_Extension_Data *extensions;
Eina_List *outputs;
Ecore_Fd_Handler *fd_hdlr;
Ecore_Idler *idler;
struct wl_client *xwl_client;
Eina_List *xwl_pending;
E_Drag *drag;
E_Client *drag_client;
void *drag_source;
Eina_List *efl_wls;
Eina_Bool dmabuf_disable E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool dmabuf_proxy E_BITFIELD;
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Client_Data
Ecore_Timer *on_focus_timer;
E_Comp_Wl_Subsurf_Data *data;
E_Client *restack_target;
Eina_List *list;
} sub;
/* regular surface resource (wl_compositor_create_surface) */
struct wl_resource *surface;
struct wl_signal destroy_signal;
/* shell surface resource */
struct wl_resource *surface;
void (*configure_send)(struct wl_resource *resource, uint32_t edges, int32_t width, int32_t height);
void (*configure)(struct wl_resource *resource, Evas_Coord x, Evas_Coord y, Evas_Coord w, Evas_Coord h);
void (*ping)(struct wl_resource *resource);
void (*map)(struct wl_resource *resource);
void (*unmap)(struct wl_resource *resource);
void (*buffer_attach_error)(E_Client *ec);
Eina_Rectangle window;
E_Shell_Data *data;
6 years ago
Evas_Coord_Size min_size;
Evas_Coord_Size max_size;
Eina_Bool fullscreen E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool unfullscreen E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool maximize E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool unmaximize E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool minimize E_BITFIELD;
int fs_zone;
} set;
} shell;
E_Comp_Wl_Surface_State pending;
Eina_List *frames;
Eina_List *constraints;
int32_t x, y;
} popup;
Tizen_Extensions *tizen;
Eina_Bool changed E_BITFIELD;
Eina_List *hints;
Eina_Bool use_msg E_BITFIELD;
} aux_hint;
int32_t on_outputs; /* Bitfield of the outputs this client is present on */
E_Maximize max;
E_Maximize unmax;
E_Pixmap *xwayland_pixmap;
E_Comp_X_Client_Data *xwayland_data;
int early_frame;
Eina_Bool mapped E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool evas_init E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool cursor E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool moved E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool maximizing E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool in_commit E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool is_xdg_surface E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool grab E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool buffer_commit E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool need_xdg_configure E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool maximize_anims_disabled E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool ssd_mouse_in E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool need_center E_BITFIELD;
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Output
struct wl_global *global;
Eina_List *resources;
const char *id, *make, *model;
int x, y, w, h;
int phys_width, phys_height;
unsigned int refresh;
unsigned int subpixel;
unsigned int transform;
double scale;
/* added for screenshot ability */
struct wl_output *wl_output;
struct wl_buffer *buffer;
void *data;
struct _E_Comp_Wl_Pointer
E_Client *cursor;
Evas_Point offset;
Eina_Bool entered E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool cursor_set E_BITFIELD;
E_API Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_init(void);
EINTERN void e_comp_wl_shutdown(void);
EINTERN struct wl_resource *e_comp_wl_surface_create(struct wl_client *client, int version, uint32_t id);
EINTERN void e_comp_wl_surface_destroy(struct wl_resource *resource);
EINTERN Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_surface_commit(E_Client *ec);
EINTERN Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_subsurface_commit(E_Client *ec);
E_API E_Comp_Wl_Buffer *e_comp_wl_buffer_get(struct wl_resource *resource);
E_API struct wl_signal e_comp_wl_surface_create_signal_get(void);
E_API double e_comp_wl_idle_time_get(void);
E_API Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_output_init(const char *id, const char *make, const char *model, int x, int y, int w, int h, int pw, int ph, unsigned int refresh, unsigned int subpixel, unsigned int transform, unsigned int num);
E_API void e_comp_wl_output_remove(const char *id);
EINTERN Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_key_down(Ecore_Event_Key *ev, E_Client *ec);
EINTERN Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_key_up(Ecore_Event_Key *ev, E_Client *ec);
E_API Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_evas_handle_mouse_button(E_Client *ec, uint32_t timestamp, uint32_t button_id, uint32_t state);
6 years ago
E_API void e_comp_wl_grab_client_add(E_Client *ec, E_Comp_Wl_Grab_End_Cb cb);
E_API void e_comp_wl_grab_client_del(E_Client *ec, Eina_Bool dismiss);
E_API Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_client_is_grabbed(const E_Client *ec);
E_API Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_grab_client_mouse_move(const Ecore_Event_Mouse_Move *ev);
E_API Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_grab_client_mouse_button(const Ecore_Event_Mouse_Button *ev);
E_API void e_comp_wl_extension_relative_motion_event(uint64_t time_usec, double dx, double dy, double dx_unaccel, double dy_unaccel);
E_API void e_comp_wl_extension_pointer_constraints_commit(E_Client *ec);
E_API Eina_Bool e_comp_wl_extension_pointer_constraints_update(E_Client *ec, int x, int y);
E_API void e_comp_wl_extension_pointer_unconstrain(E_Client *ec);
E_API void e_comp_wl_extension_action_route_pid_allowed_set(uint32_t pid, Eina_Bool allow);
E_API const void *e_comp_wl_extension_action_route_interface_get(int *version);
E_API void e_comp_wl_notidle(void);
E_API void e_comp_wl_screensaver_activate(void);
E_API void e_comp_wl_screensaver_inhibit(Eina_Bool inhibit);
EINTERN Eina_Bool _e_comp_wl_screensaver_on();
EINTERN Eina_Bool _e_comp_wl_screensaver_off();
E_API void
e_policy_wl_aux_message_send(E_Client *ec,
const char *key,
const char *val,
Eina_List *options);
E_API void e_comp_wl_input_keymap_send(struct wl_resource *res);
EINTERN void e_comp_wl_xwayland_client_queue(E_Client *ec);
static inline E_Comp_X_Client_Data *
e_comp_wl_client_xwayland_data(const E_Client *ec)
return ec->comp_data ? ((E_Comp_Wl_Client_Data*)ec->comp_data)->xwayland_data : NULL;
static inline E_Pixmap *
e_comp_wl_client_xwayland_pixmap(const E_Client *ec)
return ec->comp_data ? ((E_Comp_Wl_Client_Data*)ec->comp_data)->xwayland_pixmap : NULL;
static inline void
e_comp_wl_client_xwayland_setup(E_Client *ec, E_Comp_X_Client_Data *cd, E_Pixmap *ep)
if (cd && ep)
((E_Comp_Wl_Client_Data*)ec->comp_data)->xwayland_data = cd;
((E_Comp_Wl_Client_Data*)ec->comp_data)->xwayland_pixmap = ep;
if (e_comp_wl->xwl_pending)
e_comp_wl->xwl_pending = eina_list_remove(e_comp_wl->xwl_pending, ec);
# endif
# endif