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#include <EDBus.h>
#include <Eina.h>
typedef enum _E_Notification_Notify_Urgency
} E_Notification_Notify_Urgency;
typedef enum _E_Notification_Closed_Reason
E_NOTIFICATION_CLOSED_REASON_EXPIRED, /** The notification expired. */
E_NOTIFICATION_CLOSED_REASON_DISMISSED, /** The notification was dismissed by the user. */
E_NOTIFICATION_CLOSED_REASON_REQUESTED, /** The notification was closed by a call to CloseNotification method. */
E_NOTIFICATION_CLOSED_REASON_UNDEFINED /** Undefined/reserved reasons. */
} E_Notification_Closed_Reason;
typedef struct _E_Notification_Notify
const char *app_name;
unsigned replaces_id;
const char *sumary;
const char *body;
int timeout;
E_Notification_Notify_Urgency urgency;
const char *icon;
const char *icon_path;
int width;
int height;
int rowstride;
Eina_Bool has_alpha;
int bits_per_sample;
int channels;
unsigned char *data;
int data_size;
} raw;
} icon;
} E_Notification_Notify;
typedef unsigned int (*E_Notification_Notify_Cb)(void *data, E_Notification_Notify *n);
typedef void (*E_Notification_Close_Cb)(void *data, unsigned int id);
typedef struct _E_Notification_Server_Info
const char *name;
const char *vendor;
const char *version;
const char *spec_version;
const char *capabilities[];
} E_Notification_Server_Info;
EAPI void e_notification_notify_free(E_Notification_Notify *notify);
EAPI void e_notification_stop(void);
EAPI Eina_Bool e_notification_start(E_Notification_Notify_Cb notification_cb, E_Notification_Close_Cb close_cb, const E_Notification_Server_Info *server_info, const void *data);
EAPI void e_notification_notification_closed(unsigned id, E_Notification_Closed_Reason reason);
EAPI Evas_Object *e_notification_raw_image_get(Evas *evas, E_Notification_Notify *notify);