TODO++ - add new weather gadget/module as forecasts will die next month

yahoo is shutting down its free weather http api in feb 2021. the
existing forecasts needed:

1. move to ecore_con_url to remove al the manual http and http proxy
handling to simplify code and make it more robust
2. needed to fix the location configuration to selecyt from a list of
places or on a map
3. needed fixes to popup handling so it worked likc clock and didnt
pop-down on mouse out of gadget

add to that now a rewriter of the whole http api to be different ...
may as well add a whole new module/gadget as thats actually less work
to start again.
Carsten Haitzler 2 years ago
parent 45efe06cda
commit 050adfba71
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@ -328,3 +328,10 @@ TODO:
* emixer - support selecting recording dev for apps like pavucontrol
* look at showing vu bars per recoridng or maybe output devices
* offer ability to show vu output in mixer gadget
* weather
* forecasts will due feb 2021. yahoo shutting down free api.
given all the changes needed to do a new api...
may as well write a whole new weather gadget.
* free api:
* a dependency of this (so we can provide lat/lon)