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Carsten Haitzler 9 years ago
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@ -4,10 +4,12 @@ Requirements:
libc libm libX11 libXext efl
efl elementary
libc libm libX11 libXext
xcb xcb-shape xcb-keysyms
[png loader in evas, jpeg loader in evas, eet loader in evas, software_x11
engine in evas, buffer engine in evas]
Heavily suggested:
evas_generic_loaders (all loaders)
NOTE: Users of DR16 will need to rename the $prefix/bin/enlightenment
file prior to installing DR19 or it will be overwritten.
@ -22,13 +24,6 @@ You will, as usual, need to add the subsequent bin dir to your $PATH etc.
* do NOT use -mfpmath=sse in CFLAGS - we are not sure, but it may have bugs
and screws up things in edje, evas and e19. if your gcc uses this by default
(which apparently gcc4.x does on amd64), turn it off with a -fpmath=387 in
your CFLAGS.
* your freetype2 version must be > 2.1.7
* if you do not want security issues make sure sysactions.conf is in
/etc/enlightenment (not PREFIX/etc/enlightenment) as this is the first place
it looks at. This file is intended to be customized by packagers and