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@ -234,15 +234,23 @@ _clock_popup_new(Instance *inst)
edje_object_signal_emit(od, "e,state,someday", "e");
// FIXME: set text part for month name and year
// FIXME: hook signal callbacks for next and prev month
// FIXME: set up day names (mon, tue, wed, ... sat, sun)
// FIXME: calendar has a 7x5 grid, set up all the cells to ve either
// hidden, visible, be weekend or weekday and have right date, be
// neighbouring month, be "active" today)
// FIXME: add next/prev buttons to calendar theme element
// FIXME: hook up next/prev signals to callbacks
// FIXME: give cal theme 2 tables that it swaps back and forth
// when goign next/prev and then update each cal accordingly
// so u can have a kind of theme-drive slide in/out effect
// to the left/right for example
// FIXME: hook up signal callbacks to each day and be able to exec
// something on click and pass in date
// FIXME: add set time/date/timezone button
// FIXME: add button for settings panel bringup
// FIXME: add settings panel that can change:
// digital vs analogue
// weekend start and # of days
// week start day
// if digital 24h or 12h
// app to run when date clicked
// app to run to set time+date+timezone
o = e_widget_image_add_from_object(evas, oi, 182, 128);