Added an option to start gdb with no options and no script. Renamed the

one with the script to -b.  The default is still to run gdb with the

As suggested by metrics.

SVN revision: 26296
David Walter Seikel 17 years ago
parent 5549b2000c
commit 437af3260b
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@ -7,25 +7,27 @@ main=$DISPLAY
display=" -display :1"
case "$@" in
"") action="gdb -x gdb.txt" ; main=":1" ; display="" ;;
"-b") action="gdb -x gdb.txt" ; main=":1" ; display="" ;;
"-d") action="ddd -display $main" ; display="" ;;
"-e") action="" ;;
"-g") action="gdb -x gdb.txt" ; main=":1" ; display="" ;;
"") action="gdb -x gdb.txt" ; main=":1" ; display="" ;;
"-g") action="gdb" ; main=":1" ; display="" ;;
"-l") action="valgrind --tool=memcheck --leak-check=yes --show-reachable=yes --log-file=valgrind_log" ;;
"-m") action="valgrind --tool=memcheck --log-file=valgrind_log" ;;
"-p") action="memprof --display=$main" ; main=":1" ; display="" ;;
"-r") action="memprof_raster --display=$main" ; main=":1" ; display="" ;;
"-v") action="valkyrie -display $main" ; main=":1" ; display="" ;;
*) echo -e "Usage : [option]"
echo -e "\tdefault option is -g"
echo -e "\t-d use the GUI debugger\t\t\tddd"
echo -e "\tdefault option is -b"
echo -e "\t-b use text debugger with auto backtrace\tgdb"
echo -e "\t-d use the GUI debugger\t\t\t\tddd"
echo -e "\t-e enlightenment with no debugging"
echo -e "\t-g use text debugger\t\t\tgdb"
echo -e "\t-l leak check\t\t\t\tvalgrind"
echo -e "\t-m memory check\t\t\t\tvalgrind"
echo -e "\t-p memory profiling\t\t\tmemprof"
echo -e "\t-r raster's memory profiling\t\tmemprof_raster"
echo -e "\t-v GUI memory check\t\t\tvalkyrie"
echo -e "\t-g use text debugger\t\t\t\tgdb"
echo -e "\t-l leak check\t\t\t\t\tvalgrind"
echo -e "\t-m memory check\t\t\t\t\tvalgrind"
echo -e "\t-p memory profiling\t\t\t\tmemprof"
echo -e "\t-r raster's memory profiling\t\t\tmemprof_raster"
echo -e "\t-v GUI memory check\t\t\t\tvalkyrie"
echo -e ""
echo -e "You need to add \"-display :1\" as the run arguments for the GUI debugger."
echo -e "When you have finished with the text debugger, use the q command to quit."