e - force fonts to render clearly with FREETYPE_PROPERTIES set by e

as per comments in commit. force this if you have set_xapp_dpi onwhich
is a sign u want everyone to agree on rendering fonts.
Carsten Haitzler 2 years ago
parent a933a7a28b
commit 45efe06cda
  1. 15

@ -601,6 +601,21 @@ main(int argc, char **argv)
e_util_env_set("QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME", "gtk2");
e_util_env_set("QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE", "gtk2");
// make fonts NOT BLURRY. after 35 (v 38, v40 of interpreter) fonts become
// horizontally blurry - they seemingly want the interpreter for hinting to
// sub-pixel position on sub-pixel boundaries. this ends up with blurry
// horizontal positioning/hinting that is on a sub-pixel. yes - this
// requires logging out and logging in to get e to not set this env var.
// for now that's good enough. the aim is to get everyone to render the
// same way and this does it. efl, gtk, qt, chromium, firtefox, ...
if (e_config->scale.set_xapp_dpi)
if (!s)
e_util_env_set("FREETYPE_PROPERTIES", "truetype:interpreter-version=35");
TS("E_Env Init");
if (!e_env_init())