Nuke a few things off the TODO list.

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@ -11,19 +11,15 @@ These are in no particular order:
* finish off icccm support
* optimize clock theme (speed/cpu)
* make shading go in all 4 directions
* add virtual desktops
* add keybindings
* add general actions to be hooked to button/key bindings
* add "icon box"
* add iconify (minimize)
* add pagers
* add netwm support
* full colour+alpha cursors
* different cursors for different parts of the screen
* alt+tab status list of windows
* add a "taskbar"
* add cpu module
* add battery module
* add cpu speedstep module
* make root menus configurable (what mouse/key brings up what)
* add favorites apps menu items for editing (at the bottom or such)