If someone closed the exit dialog (not using cancel) the exit_dialog pointer got left around - fix

SVN revision: 19724
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handyande 2006-01-11 14:22:54 +00:00 committed by handyande
parent 38436c807a
commit 660d271497
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@ -1262,11 +1262,21 @@ _e_actions_cb_exit_dialog_cancel(void *data, E_Dialog *dia)
exit_dialog = NULL;
static void
_e_actions_cb_exit_dialog_delete(E_Win *win)
E_Dialog *dia;
dia = win->data;
_e_actions_cb_exit_dialog_cancel(NULL, dia);
if (exit_dialog) e_object_del(E_OBJECT(exit_dialog));
exit_dialog = e_dialog_new(e_container_current_get(e_manager_current_get()));
if (!exit_dialog) return;
e_win_delete_callback_set(exit_dialog->win, _e_actions_cb_exit_dialog_delete);
e_dialog_title_set(exit_dialog, _("Are you sure you want to exit?"));
_("You requested to exit Enlightenment.<br>"