Fix xwayland related crash when mousing out of a window

XWayland likes to set a buffer on the cursor surface then delete it before
we release it.  I'm pretty sure when a client does that we're within spec
to just kill it, but users will likely find this response ungratifying.

So, instead, just gracefully fail to render the undefined surface.

@ref T5593
Derek Foreman 6 years ago
parent aee4c2ef73
commit 680b7b485d
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@ -897,6 +897,11 @@ e_pixmap_image_refresh(E_Pixmap *cp)
if (cp->held_buffer) _e_pixmap_wayland_image_clear(cp);
/* This catches the case where a client (*cough* xwayland)
* deletes a buffer we haven't released
if (!cp->buffer) return EINA_FALSE;
if (!cp->buffer->shm_buffer) return EINA_TRUE;
cp->held_buffer = cp->buffer;