Remove unused variables.

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sebastid 2006-08-21 15:45:47 +00:00 committed by sebastid
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commit 6881af25f9
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@ -163,11 +163,7 @@ static Evas_Object *
_basic_create_widgets(E_Config_Dialog *cfd, Evas *evas, E_Config_Dialog_Data *cfdata)
Evas_Object *o, *of, *ob, *ot, *ilist, *mt;
E_Radio_Group *rg;
E_Module *m;
Evas_List *l;
char buf[4096];
Evas_Coord ew, eh, mw, mh;
E_Fm2_Config fmc;
int i;
@ -270,11 +266,8 @@ _basic_create_widgets(E_Config_Dialog *cfd, Evas *evas, E_Config_Dialog_Data *cf
static void
_ilist_cb_change(void *data, Evas_Object *obj)
E_Module *m;
E_Config_Dialog_Data *cfdata;
Evas_List *l;
const char *v;
char icn[PATH_MAX];
Ecore_Desktop_Icon_Theme *theme;
cfdata = data;