enlightenment-0.21 v0.21.11
Simon Lees 5 years ago
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Release 0.21.11:
Carsten Haitzler (6):
fix up window+screen positioning fixup so it doesnt catch other clients
e start - fix path prepend/append if already in path assuming clue
tiling - ensure notification struct is 0'd before use
battery modules - actually set ac power flag based on ac presence
e main - xdg runtime dir fixup - dont overwrite same buffer
nvidia driver workaround atexit handlers for pam auth
Chidambar Zinnoury (2):
e remote: Fix script’s execution rights.
e menu: Fix missing realize when using key-activation to the right.
Derek Foreman (4):
Fix crash when processing a wayland client cursor set after death
Fix xwayland related crash when mousing out of a window
Clear stored root window id when shutting down X
Fix crash on wayland logout if xwayland hasn't started yet
Mike Blumenkrantz (46):
use animator del function to delete comp object animators
handle shade <-> unshade toggling in same frame
resolve desktop spec issues with emixer.desktop
use EC_CHANGED when setting changed flag in client idler
hide clients again after show in idler if clients are on hidden desk
block recursive mouse eventing in bryce action handlers
handle unmovable gadgets in gadget move action
flag zone/edge mouse binding activation with ON_HOLD
fix clickable edge binding activation with other mouse buttons
remove fdo interfaces from music control dbus xml
don't perform zone updates on client resize
remove input-only client fastpath to resize crashes
use client geometry for visibility effect geometry, not comp object geometry
emit E_EVENT_EXEC_NEW_CLIENT with phony exes
don't show xwayland clients unconditionally on commit
defer wl startup apps until after xwayland init completes
do ecore-x shutdown on xwayland shutdown
redo bryce eventing
deduplicate global gadget handler variables
block gadget configuration unconditionally while desklock is active
set comp object alpha state when applying native surface
add max size input rects for wl clients on creation
handle x11 shaped input under xwayland
set default cursor on root window for xwl pointer
Revert "disable option for mouse to use Application theme if we are running in Wayland"
move 'show cursor' option in mouse settings inside frame
do not show cursor theme options in wayland compositor mode
move cursor theme options into separate frame
check for non-wl compositor when forcing application cursors onto pointers
always use e cursor theme for canvas pointers
recreate x11 root pointer when changing application<->enlightenment theme
add render update when showing clients if damages exist
add client refs for the nocomp client
do not unqueue render when deleting a client's render update
ignore set_input_region requests for wl surfaces which are cursors or drags
set null input regions for surfaces upon calling set_cursor or start_drag
null wl clipboard+selection source pointers when destroying clipboard source
cancel wl selections after removing destroy listener
move x11 compositor cleanup into shutdown function
unset client's mouse-in state on mouse out even while fullscreen or deleted
send wl pointer leave for deleted clients if viable
unset xwayland client changes.pos flag during xwl->wl switch if client is unplaced
block wl modal window destructor from intercepting xwl modal windows
handle more mouse buttons under wayland
explicitly free client animation agent object during fullscreen operation
Revert "handle x11 shaped input under xwayland"
Stephen 'Okra' Houston (1):
E Exe: Semi revert 2082bb51d3abffd991b4d791ace2567888e2e9fb. The ref count was off to begin with.
Release 0.21.10:
Al Poole (1):