Auth: try harder when clearing passwords.

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Thanks again to Matthew Garrett, for pointing this out on twitter.
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Tom Hacohen 2015-04-21 10:45:01 +01:00
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commit 99b8d84485
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@ -1434,8 +1434,10 @@ e_util_evas_objects_above_print_smart(Evas_Object *o)
* This is going to work until link time optimizations are good enough.
* Hopefully by then, we'll be able to properly use memset_s().
static void *(* const volatile memset_ptr)(void *, int, size_t) = memset;
EAPI void
e_util_memclear(void *s, size_t n)
memset(s, 0, n);
memset_ptr(s, 0, n);