lighten up the greays in these new bgs after seeing some other

people's crappy screens. something i noticed.

my screen displays gresy all the way down to about 0 where they
finally get black. light greys stay grey auntil almost 255. BUT...
here is the clincher. on the "crappy screens" i sawy.. black starts at
16 and white starts at 240. they literally lose 12.5% of the color
range at the extremes and thus a lot seems to just blend into black to
white and ultimately look bad especially if you are playing down in
the subtlle ends of the spectrum. so let's just assume people all have
crap screens and lighten dark things. :( how sad. also this assumes
people are incapable of or do not know how to adjust/fix the screen
color gammut. it may also be the screen does a crappy job of fixing
this itself (eg uses limtied 8bit mapping inside the screen where it
should be color correcting with a much higher fidelity using its
built-in temporal/spatial dithering logic it already has! crappy

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