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* console logger much like quake console like dropdown for logging etc
(api to append logs. always stores to disk to specific file.
add button to explicitly share like screenshots. add higher level
logging like tables, icons, timelines and graphs that can be output
in text emulation and to screen - change eina log to go into here
with eina_log_print_cb_set() )
* alert - use full fat efl stack and remove xcb/ecore_drm2 stuff
(supply custom theme to guarantee theme is not an issue. create text
mode fallback with detection for crashes in crash handler. turtles
all the way down - a crash handler for our crash handler)
* start - add watchdog handling to e_start to detect a hung e
* config dialog redo and simplification
* remove e_dnd and use elm's dnd instead
* new gad usability: be able to move, resize etc. without alt
(needs old gadget move/resize mode enable/disable in the menu)
* new gad usability: initial gadget bar setup dnd needs to be normal dnd