e sys - dont faade backlight on logout or exit

Carsten Haitzler 3 years ago
parent 4b6467685e
commit a999bdcdf3
  1. 14

@ -153,13 +153,19 @@ _e_sys_comp_action_timeout(void *data)
static void
_e_sys_comp_zones_fade(const char *sig, Eina_Bool out)
_e_sys_comp_zones_fade(E_Sys_Action a, const char *sig, Eina_Bool out)
const Eina_List *l;
E_Zone *zone;
EINA_LIST_FOREACH(e_comp->zones, l, zone)
e_zone_fade_handle(zone, out, 0.5);
// XXX:
// don't fade backlight if we are exiting or logging out
// in future detect if e is the login manager and then
// we can assume it can manage backlight right anyway... then disable
// this if below when that happens
if ((a != E_SYS_EXIT) && (a != E_SYS_EXIT_NOW) && (a != E_SYS_LOGOUT))
e_zone_fade_handle(zone, out, 0.5);
edje_object_signal_emit(zone->base, sig, "e");
edje_object_signal_emit(zone->over, sig, "e");
@ -174,7 +180,7 @@ _e_sys_comp_emit_cb_wait(E_Sys_Action a, const char *sig, const char *rep, Eina_
if (nocomp_push) e_comp_override_add();
else e_comp_override_timed_pop();
_e_sys_comp_zones_fade(sig, nocomp_push);
_e_sys_comp_zones_fade(a, sig, nocomp_push);
if (e_comp->comp_type == E_PIXMAP_TYPE_X)
@ -268,7 +274,7 @@ _e_sys_comp_resume2(void *data EINA_UNUSED)
EINA_LIST_FOREACH(e_comp->zones, l, zone)
e_backlight_level_set(zone, resume_backlight, -1.0);
_e_sys_comp_zones_fade("e,state,sys,resume", EINA_FALSE);
_e_sys_comp_zones_fade(E_SYS_SUSPEND, "e,state,sys,resume", EINA_FALSE);
if (e_acpi_lid_is_closed())
if (_e_sys_phantom_wake_check_timer)