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* scriptlets: stdin/out module that provides gui services to some
back-end script or process where e just talks via stdin/out.
things to provide:
* only run scriptlet every N seconds to poll then send back data
* only run scriptlet at specific times of day (cron-like)
* only run scriptlet when some event happens
* dbus signals (some way to define what to listen for)
* acpi bindings
* key bindings
* mouse bindings
* startup, shutdown, suspend, resume, lock/unlock, ...
* ... screen add/del, backlight dim/undim, ...
* ... blank/unblank, ac plug/unplug, battery full, ...
* ... battery charge begin, battery charge end, ...
* ... network connect/disconnect (connman), ...
* ... bt device find/lose, ...
* ... volume/mute/audio dev change, virtual desktop change, ...
* ... app window appear/disappear/exit, ...
* ... something goes fullscreen/unfluscreen, ...
* other events on the system or in e?
* run script all the time and talk to it and "keep state"
* provide menu content in menu specific tree...
* provide popups like pager mid-screen one with content like below...
* provide gadgets with display content like below...
* provide gadget popups (like mixer/clock) with content like below...
* provide full windows with content like below...
* possible content in a tree:
* probably have to provide markdown of below in some way...
* thinkimg of mustache style {{{ }}} ?
* shell friendly so it doesnt have special meanings in sh
* image (png/jpg/gif/video ... whatever)
* edje theme element/file fallback
* send/get signals
* set text parts
* send/get messages
* create, delete, swallow other edje/image objects
* box
* table
* grid
* scroller (content holder)
* lists to select from (icon, text, icon at end, groups - genlist)
* button
* radio
* check
* label/text
* entry (editable single/multi line, passwd)
* separator
* frame (content holder)
* slider
* progress/busy spinner
* dropdown/hoversel
* graph (multiple overlayed with N points horiz or vert, line/solid)
* dials (like cpufreq)
* mixers like ... mixer
* temperature guages like temperature
* scrollable logs with per line/item content objects
* list trees (genlist)
* grid lists (gengrid)
* efm show dir
* efm open specific file with default mime handler
* efm open specific file with mime handler chooser
* tell scriptlet where it is stored (env var)
* tmpdir setup/deletion for scriptlet (env var)
* more permanent config dir setup/storage for scriptlet (env var)
* pop up specified menu content
* display screen popup with content
* display gadget popup with content
* get events from content (clicked, selected, etc.)
* get state of content
* create timers and get called on timeout
* built in wget via e/ecore_con_url
* built in tcp/tcp+ssl netcat provided by ecore_con
* direct notification display (via notification module) e/stdin/out
* provide built-in editor to edit scripts and auto-re-run as you edit
* entry or elm code based?
* massive lowering of barrier ro create/change scriptlets
* offer a share mechanism like shots?
* security issue - they run. verification needed?
* login manager mode - be able to function as a login manager/gui since
most everything you want in a login manager is already present in e
like suspend/resume on lid open/close, multi screen config and even
@ -32,10 +110,12 @@ TODO:
* efm: add disk space used bar for disk volume icons
* efm: add space used "du -sh" summery for all folders
* efm: add filesystem cache (all dirs cached in files and updated in bg)
* efm: thumbs for music gettign album art like rage
* efm: thumbs for music getting album art like rage
* efm: thumbs for videos with movie posters like rage
* efm: show symlink info in icon
* efm: fuse support (mtp, sshfs, cifs/smb etc.)
* efm: rsync integration for fsync to/from targets
* may need ssh setup too (add to authorized keys on other end)
* shot: add manual cropping ability
* shot: add simple free draw, box, line and text on top of shot before save
* bz5: add icon set for actions/states per bt device (pair.unpair, etc.)