19.13 NEWS updates

Mike Blumenkrantz 7 years ago
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Release 0.19.13:
Carsten Haitzler (4):
e - ibar - fix clash when 2 icons of the same path get added somehow
e exec tracker - fix tracking to update desktop files on efreet change
ibar - fix shutdown if ibar client menu is up
e deskmirror - fix loss of mirror object from deskmirror
Mike Blumenkrantz (31):
when removing VERTICAL maximize state, also remove LEFT and RIGHT states
don't crash desktop gadget systrays when adjusting image sizing
make wake-on-urgent apply for all cases of window urgency
force full damage for first frame of x11 override clients
subtract x11 client damage region even when forcing full override damage
fix typo in previous damage rect commit
do not return when x11 damage event returns no rects
trap shaped x11 clients and prevent compositor blocking with high rect count
reject deleted clients from x11 sync alarm event callback
clear x11 client pixmap when returning from iconic
force a software render in all cases when finalizing x11 client iconify
update csd using deltas of previous values
make comp config unresizable...again
remove dead modules from whitelist
only apply frame geometry deltas for CSD if the CSD region exists
reject frame theme changes for clients which have CSD
simplify client SMART/EXPAND maximize
add native surface (gl) clients to post render list
adjust efm multi-icon drag positioning by the current pan coords
break out x11 client visibility setting into util functions
move client iconic hint setting into x11 hide function
emit ibox icon signals to the internal edje object of the e_icon
add counter and smart callbacks for comp object visible mirrors
add e_comp_object_mirror_visibility_check()
toggle x11 client iconic/mapped state based on mirror visibility
Revert "force a software render in all cases when finalizing x11 client iconify"
disable client menu stacking functions for unstackable windows
enforce fullscreen client stacking during nocomp end IFF client is fullscreen
check client comp data existence in x11 mirror visibility callbacks
use unsigned int for client focus tracking freeze state
null efm icon eio handle in error callback
Stafford Horne (2):
e/conf_apps: Fix resizing of "Startup Application" dialog
e/ilist: Fix issue with multiselect returning wrong index
Thierry (1):
mouse_config: fix accel threshold and numerator limits.
shorne (1):
e/win_config: allow content of some dialogs to resize with the window
Release 0.19.12:
Amitesh Singh (1):