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Wayland support in Enlightenment
*Wayland support in Enlightenment*
Caution: Support for running Enlightenment in a Wayland-Only
configuration is considered Highly Experimental !! Use at your own
risk !! We are not responsible if it nukes your files, burns up your cpu,
kills your cat, sells your house, divorces you, or otherwise messes
Anything up !
Use at your own risk !! You have been warned !!
Running Enlightenment as a Wayland compositor is not considered "safe"
for everyday desktop use, though it is functional enough to test or
use in specialized environments.
A list of known issues can be found at the bottom of this file.
Aside from the normal requirements that Enlightenment needs, there are
a few things to note in order to get Enlightenment to build without
X11 support.
a few things to note in order to get Enlightenment to build with
Wayland support.
Firstly, you MUST have EFL built with the following options:
@ -38,12 +35,6 @@ If you would like support for EGL in Wayland, then also build EFL with:
The above options can be enabled for EFL without any adverse effects to
existing applications.
If you wish to test out the Highly Experimental standalone
Wayland-Only (no X11) compositor, then read below about how to compile
support for a wayland-only Enlightenment.
@ -51,27 +42,11 @@ Compiling:
Next, you will need to adjust the options that you pass to
Enlightenment during the compile phase.
Please note, we recommend installing This version of Enlightenment into it's
own separate prefix so that you can still safely fallback to the X11 version.
This can be done by passing:
Now, on to the magic bits ;)
In order for Enlightenment to be compiled as Wayland compositor you will need to
pass a few more options to the configure stage of Enlightenment:
pass an option to the configure stage of Enlightenment:
Since this is all still a work-in-progress, there are a few Enlightenment
modules that have not been "fixed" to work without X11 yet.
Those will need to be disabled if you enabled the wayland-only option:
If you also want support for running X applications under Wayland you might want
to try out XWayland support:
@ -85,57 +60,41 @@ Usage:
Hopefully at this stage you have successfully built EFL and
Enlightenment in preparation for a Wayland-only setup. Congratulations
!! Now, let's get it running...
The following steps assume you are currently at a Virtual Terminal
without anything else running (ie: no other window managers, X11, etc).
Enlightenment in preparation for a Wayland-supported setup. Congratulations!!
Now, let's get it running...
In order for Enlightenment to function without X11, we need to setup
the environment. In your current tty, do:
export E_WL_FORCE=drm
export ELM_DISPLAY=wl
export ELM_ACCEL=opengl (or 'none' for SHM engine)
This will make sure that Enlightenment renders using DRM, and any
Elementary applications use a Wayland engine.
At this point, you should just be able 'cd' to the Enlightenment
prefix where you installed, and issue:
Enlightenment, when compiled with Wayland support and started from a tty,
will automatically attempt to load the wl_drm output module and start
a Wayland session. Simply start as usual:
Please Note: It is suggested that you create a separate configuration
profile with only a Minimum of modules loaded. Due to the experimental
(and ongoing) status of Wayland-Only support in Enlightenment, Many
modules May Not Work. Very few have actually been tested yet !!
If you have a separate configuration profile (as suggested) that you
would like to use, you can tell Enlightenment to use that when you
start it:
If you have a separate configuration profile that you would like to use,
you can tell Enlightenment to use that when you start it:
./enlightenment_start -profile <my_profile>
Please Note: There is currently NO support for running X11
applications with this !! So basically, your web browsers won't work,
don't expect to be able to run Firefox, Thunderbird, or practically
Any Other X11 application yet. About the only things "known" to work
so far are EFL/Elementary applications.
Known Issues
Yes, there are Lots of them !!
Yes, I am already aware of 99.9% of them.
Yes, you can start reporting them ... if you do create tickets for
any bugs, please note in your ticket that you are using the e_comp_wl
When we feel that the work is reaching a "finalizing" stage, we will
put out a request for actual testers and bug reports !
* Internal window (eg. filemanager), DnD is not currently functional
- Requires EFL 1.16 release
* Nested compositors (wl_wl output) cannot create internal windows
- Requires EFL 1.16 release
* DRM output lacks hardware acceleration
- Requires EFL 1.16 release
* Window close animations will not play for most Wayland clients
- Requires upstream Wayland protocol additions
* Window closing occasionally leads to crash
- Requires upstream Wayland protocol additions
* Restarting Enlightenment kills all open applications
- Requires upstream *-shell protocol additions, XWayland improvements
* Window placement/resistance/resizing is not accurate
- Requires upstream *-shell protocol additions related to CSD
* XWayland clients do not smoothly resize
- Requires upstream XWayland improvements
* The first-launched X11 client will sometimes fail to show
- Requires upstream XWayland improvements
* Keyboard layout switching is not available
- Requires various improvements