Do not evaluate deleted borders.

This bug was showing when fast toggling between advanced<->basic in
config dialogs.

Note, however, that there are a remaining alien bug with fast
toggling. It's aborting due adding evas object as member of another
from other canvas, which is not allowed. I tried to debug it and it's
REALLY weird, the advanced or basic create_widgets() are being called
twice, from inside the same function, like if the create_widgets() was
calling itself, but the code do not do that, I traced some that would
happen from e_widget_button_add()!!! Like if we had threads of were
being preempted from nowhere, really strange... seems like a stack
corruption :-(

SVN revision: 41038
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 14 years ago
parent 6dfaaf5f10
commit be4f4af8a9
  1. 7

@ -2770,6 +2770,7 @@ e_border_idler_before(void)
bl = e_container_border_list_first(con);
while ((bd = e_container_border_list_next(bl)))
if (e_object_is_del(E_OBJECT(bd))) continue;
if ((bd->changes.visible) && (!bd->visible))
@ -5688,6 +5689,12 @@ _e_border_eval(E_Border *bd)
int rem_change = 0;
int send_event = 1;
int zx, zy, zw, zh;
if (e_object_is_del(E_OBJECT(bd)))
fprintf(stderr, "ERROR: _e_border_eval(%p) with deleted border!\n", bd);
_e_border_hook_call(E_BORDER_HOOK_EVAL_PRE_FETCH, bd);
if (bd->zone)