ensure dialog recalcs when content is set

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Mike Blumenkrantz 2012-08-07 14:00:37 +00:00
parent c285c6cc99
commit c41e7c24ba
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@ -187,10 +187,16 @@ e_dialog_border_icon_set(E_Dialog *dia, const char *icon)
EAPI void
e_dialog_content_set(E_Dialog *dia, Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Coord minw, Evas_Coord minh)
int mw, mh;
dia->content_object = obj;
e_widget_on_focus_hook_set(obj, _e_dialog_cb_wid_on_focus, dia);
edje_extern_object_min_size_set(obj, minw, minh);
edje_object_part_swallow(dia->bg_object, "e.swallow.content", obj);
edje_object_size_min_calc(dia->bg_object, &mw, &mh);
e_win_resize(dia->win, mw, mh);
e_win_size_min_set(dia->win, mw, mh);
dia->min_w = mw;
dia->min_h = mh;