Since we are not using the returned pointer from eina_hash_find here, we can

remove the variable as eina_hash_find will return NULL is nothing is found.

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Christopher Michael 2009-07-20 01:58:43 +00:00
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commit e31f28d677
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@ -79,11 +79,8 @@ e_filereg_deregister(const char *path)
EAPI Eina_Bool
e_filereg_file_protected(const char *path)
Filereg_Item *fi = NULL;
fi = eina_hash_find(_e_filereg, path);
if (!fi) return EINA_FALSE;
return EINA_TRUE;
if (eina_hash_find(_e_filereg, path)) return EINA_TRUE;
return EINA_FALSE;
/* Private Functions */