Carsten Haitzler 2 years ago
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@ -232,11 +232,13 @@ TODO:
* like you see on windows for example (search and multiple columns etc.)
* a touch screen android-style scrolling fullscreen app icon style
* music-control: allow manual addition of new named mpris services
* wireless: fix on connman to work properly
* connman:
* divide the popup list with group headers like bz5 into tech
* provide fuller status per line (reception and other info?)
* massively flesh out connman vpn support in the gui
* vpnmanager + create method support
* one day look at network manager support
* look into iwd too
* bz5: add icon set for actions/states per bt device (pair.unpair, etc.)
* bz5: add obex agent support integrated with efm for sharing via bt
and downloads when received via obex bt (~/Downloads/...)