e todo - add menu object cache to todo.

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@ -187,7 +187,12 @@ TODO:
view to this back-end data log and follows it as it updates.
* can go back in time then to previous logs
* should have the ability to draw nice graphs etc.
* edge bindings - selectign edge dialog needs a redo (no edje for all content)
* edge bindings - selecting edge dialog needs a redo (no edje for all content)
* e menu - add obj cache for menu and menu item objects to reduce costs
by far the biggest cost in showing/hiding menus is realize/unrealize
and this is almost all object creation/setup/deletion costs. menus
can be more responsive (on low end systems) if... we avoid this. to
avoid... have a cache of spare objecta to re-use.
* music-control: fix aspect ratio of album cover image